7 Ways To Romance With Your Girl Like A Pro

By: Kratika Mon, 11 Jan 2021 7:12 PM

7 Ways To Romance With Your Girl Like a Pro

Real men know that it is a full-time job when it comes to romance because women need to be loved on a regular basis! They spend the rest of their lives giving and making sacrifices; so making them feel appreciated is the least we can do. Not everyone is born with such skills and this is a good thing,as it means they can be acquired as long as one is patient and willing to learn. Here are some tips on how you can romance your way into the heart of the woman of your dreams and by all means stay there!

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# For the sake of romance, never stop dating that woman

The difference between a man and a lion is that after the hunt is over, the lion goes to sleep while the man has to keep on hunting! This is true because the prey in the latter case needs to be entertained. Did you get the point? No? Me neither. But at least you know that after getting the girl of your dreams, it just doesn’t stop there. Always try to make the relationship as entertaining as possible so that in turn, she can make you happy. Research on dirty texts and some naughty questions you can ask her in a bid to leave her turned on and craving for you. And try to be as authentic as possible, so that she can love you even more. Don’t be the guy who lifts lines from the internet and tries to look like the pro he isn't, because, well, she will see everything about you as fake and we don’t want to get to that level. Keep your text short, steamy and straight to the point; stop beating around the bush. In short, when it comes to romance, leave your woman craving for you; it’s a full-time job.

# Make your woman feel special through romance

Why should you make your girl feel special? Simply because she is special! Let's just be honest here – a woman who loves you will always go out of her way to make you the happiest man in the world. Ever heard of the dictum 'happy woman happy life'? Well, it is very true and should be the reason as to why you are working hard especially if you love her as much as you claim to. Your happiness is a woman’s full-time job. So why won’t you make her feel special? It only feels fair. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways of doing this. Give her that deep, erogenous massage after a long day of work. Take her out and always leave her some hot, sexy messages or voicemails. Don’t pay attention to other women and most importantly, make sacrifices for her. If you can’t miss a meeting out of town, try making up for it and she will love you for real. Refrain from asking petty and jealous questions, as it shows you don’t trust her. Doing so will make you important to her, as you will be the guy her friends want to date and that will not only make her feel lucky but special. Just don’t go and text her friends just because they showed a little interest. Again, never stop finding better ways to romance your woman and she will forever be grateful to you.

# Learn your woman’s love language

Does she love dirty talking during sex or being asked erotic questions while riding you? As a guy who is hella serious about keeping his woman, he will make a point of knowing these things. If you aren’t the sharpest tool in the workshop, just ask her. She might laugh at you but trust me, the effort and interest will be appreciated once you are hitting all of her spots before you even undress her. If you can arouse her via text or words just because you understand her love language, then you are a master when it comes to romance. Feel free to levitate whenever you are meditating, Master. Women are different and that means that what works on one woman will definitely not work on the next – not saying that you should have a few. Instead of loving a million ways, you can always love that one woman a million ways. And it all starts with learning her love language and you will be on your way there. When it comes to this, you need to understand the importance of being patient. And when you finally hack it, it will pay off in a great way because your woman will always get wet the moment she lays your eyes on you. That is every man’s dream (and also finding a toilet lid that closes itself after a short call. If you know any brand that does that, kindly, DM.)

ways to romance with your girl like a pro,romance tips with your girl,tips to do romance,relationship tips,mates and me,romancing with your wife

# Make romance a special time for her

Don’t just be the guy who only sends a dirty text, but never shows up. You are supposed to make an appearance and look like you are bold enough. You also need to make sure that the time you spend with her is hers alone. It wouldn’t hurt if you switch off your phone and listen to your woman. Yeah, I know, we don’t like weave talk but at least do it for her. Take one on the chin and be a man about it. Just smile and nod even if you are not interested – it's not as if she will ask questions afterward. Switch off and start admiring her amazing facial structure. Do anything, as long as you are paying attention to her; she will be great. Take your time, look her dead in the eyes and make that woman shiver in the face of your confident self. Being a guy just doesn’t cut it anymore – be that guy, end of the story. Vibrations and romance go hand-in-hand and if you do it the right way, then your woman will definitely see it. Again, this takes a lot of practice and if you do it right – you will live to reap the benefits.

# Tell your your woman she is beautiful

Sometimes, dirty texts and being confident will work the charm alright. Other times, reminding your woman that she is beautiful even without her asking questions is in itself beautiful. Don’t wait before reminding her because, well, another guy or guys are struggling to show her the same. The first thing that attracts a guy to a woman is her beauty. There is no such thing as an ugly woman because every woman is charming in her own special way. Even when you first text with glee and shaky hands, you told her that she was beautiful. So why stop now that she moved into your house? Just telling a woman that she is beautiful out of the blue can turn what looked like a bad day into a bearable one. Don’t make her beg for it; just make it something she is entitled to because if you don’t, someone else will. And that doesn’t mean that she didn’t love you, it just means that you stopped making her feel beautiful and someone else caught her attention. So for the umpteenth time, always remember the importance of being consistent in matters of romance and your woman and you will definitely get along well.

ways to romance with your girl like a pro,romance tips with your girl,tips to do romance,relationship tips,mates and me,romancing with your wife

# In romance, be a gangster and a gentleman

When I say gangster, I don’t mean steal her purse and then be a gentleman enough to return it. No. What I am saying is that you always be dominant because that is the only way that she will feel like a proper, beautiful woman overflowing with pure femininity. Being a gangster means you aren’t afraid of her dirty questions and that you are a guy who can comfortably talk about sex without flinching. As far as being a gentleman is concerned, don’t always shy away from being the first one to text her in the morning. Always hold doors for her and give her your coat when it's cold because you are a man; you can sure take the cold. You are built to withstand, so no need to make a fuss about it. Pull chairs for her and don’t be afraid to be called old school because those naysayers will not be enjoying the rewards of having your woman happy, and riding you all night long. Be a gangster, meaning you are manly in every conceivable way. Be a gentleman, meaning you treat her like the queen she is and put her on a pedestal. But in order for romance to work out, don’t put your woman on a pedestal at your own expense because it will reduce your value as a man. And we don’t want that now, do we?

# A little philanthropy can’t go wrong with your woman

Ever walked down the street and seen a dirty, scrawny, homeless, person and given them food or money? If you have, then you know just how that little and seemingly insignificant act of philanthropy will melt her heart. Now, take that feeling of peace and accomplishment, and multiply it by ten because that is how your woman will feel when you help other people. Therefore, make it a habit of being nice, not because you want to show off to your woman or come off as romantic, but because it makes you a good person. And if your woman takes note of that, trust me, it will make her love you even more. Women are nice and kind beings by nature. So being kind and generous will most certainly show that you can make a very good ‘mate’. Women aren’t really interested in your money, your cars and fancy houses, and even abs (yes I said it, abdominals)! Women want a person who will not only protect her children, but also show them how to be better people human beings All these other things are just artificial; they can be termed as miscellaneous. So before you work on those abdominals, try working on your behavior.

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