9 Signs Of An Unhappy Relationship

By: Pinki Wed, 02 Dec 2020 4:22 PM

9 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

Some relationships do not stand the test of times and turn so sour and bitter with the time that one needs to walk out from them in order to maintain the sanity of their minds. If you and your partner have a few bitter fights every few months, then that does not sum up to be a bad relationship. Fighting is normal and healthy. As they say, 'You only fight with the ones you love!' A bad relationship is even worse. When your partner ceases to show interest in you or becomes indifferent to your presence, it could mean that you have a bad relationship. Sometimes, one partner dominates the other partner to extremes and even resorts to physical violence. Such a relationship can also be called a bad relationship.

We all want to feel loved and safe in our relationships, but when we do not fail safe in each other's company anymore, it could also mean that the relationship has turned toxic or was never that great right from the beginning. We all make mistakes and commit ourselves to our partners at one point of time. What starts as a blossoming romance soon turns out to be a headache for you. A controlling partner could make your life hell. You are often nervous to share your viewpoints with your partner because you are not sure of his reactions. This kind of relationship is very bad and one needs to walk out on it as soon as possible. A relationship in which both the partners are not given equal rights, freedom, space and respect is certainly a bad relationship. Read on further to find out about some sure shot signs of a bad relationship:

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# Dominance by your partner is a sign of a bad relationship

Both the partners should have freedom of speech, expression of emotions, and respect for each other's views and actions. While there is no harm in stating your contradictory opinion, the other partner should respect your views too. You should let your partner do whatever he or she likes. This mutual respect and freedom is necessary to make a relationship last long. If your partner controls your actions, opinions, thoughts, friends, social life and your expenses, then you have definitely gotten yourself into a bad relationship, and you need to get out of it. Sometimes, we realize the bad things about our partner's attitude too late, and then we feel compelled to pull the relationship due to various reasons. Sometimes, your partner might have gradually changed into a controlling partner. In any circumstances, you have to know that none can control you like this. Talk it out with your partner about how you feel.

# Feeling uncomfortable around your partner is a sign of a bad relationship

You might have gotten lured in by your partner's strange ways, but now you feel very uncomfortable with the same behavior. It's a normal psychology of the mind, and when Cupid relaxes, you realize that you are no longer attracted by his strange demeanor. If you feel ill at ease in his presence, then it's time to call it quits. One of the biggest attributes of a good relationship is that both the partners feel completely comfortable in each other's presence. They don't have to pretend to be someone they are not. If you often feel that you are secretly happy when your partner is not around, then it's time to end the bad relationship.

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# Your partner humiliates you in public

Embarrassment can be the worst thing you can experience, especially coming from your partner. Humiliation and insult coming from anyone in this world is not tolerated, and when your own partner does that to you, you feel sick to the bone. A love relationship is all about protecting each other's self-respect, values, and privacy in public. He or she should not laugh at you, scream at you, hit you, or abuse you at any time, especially in public. If such is the case, walk out immediately.

# If your partner is possessive, then it could be a sign of a bad relationship

If your partner wants you all for himself or herself, then it could be a warning sign of a relationship going bad. Over-possessiveness, though cute initially, becomes very irritating later on, and you will often find your partner sulking around or angry with you if you go out alone or with other friends. Every relationship should have a certain amount of space between the partners or else it will get suffocating really soon.

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# Fighting all the time is a surefire sign of an unhealthy relationship

If all you and your partner do all the time is fight, then it ain't healthy for your relationship. While difference of opinion is normal, if you two have a difference of opinion in every little thing, then maybe it's time to reconsider your relationship status. Maybe you two are NOT meant for each other.

# If your partner constantly asks you for money, then it should warn you of an unhealthy relationship

While spending on your partner at times is quite normal, especially if you earn more, your partner should not demand his or her bills to be paid by you every time. You are not responsible for his or her expenditures, and if you feel that all he or she does is ask money, then maybe they are in the relationship only for that. This should warn you of a bad and meaningless relationship.

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# Your partner constantly refusing to talk about important future decisions should warn you of his or her intentions

There are a lot of things to discuss in a relationship other than what to eat and which movie to see. You need to discuss future plans of having a baby, about buying a house, and such. If you feel your partner changes the subject whenever you broach such important issues, then it's a clear indication that he or she has no intention of sticking around for long.

# You are the last on his priority list

Instead of having you first on his or her priority list, you feel your partner has all the time for his or her other friends and hobbies. This should warn you of an empty relationship, and there is no use dragging it further. Maybe he or she does not have any genuine interest in you and is only staying with you for other benefits.

# Your partner does not share the household expenses

Even if your partner earns well, he or she does not give his share of household expenses. He or she always has an excuse of using the money elsewhere. This kind of relationship is quite unhealthy wherein you have to shoulder the financial burden all by yourself. There is no need for such a relation. Perhaps you should find a better partner.

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