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9 Things To Keep In Mind When Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring You

By: Kratika Mon, 11 Jan 2021 7:09 PM

9 Things To Keep in Mind When Your Boyfriend is Ignoring You

Probably, you have noted a situation where your boyfriend has started ignoring you. He no longer responds to your texts and always tells lies to avoid you. You call him and he doesn’t pick the phone. If this has only happened for a few hours, probably there is no cause for alarm as he may be busy somewhere else. However, if there is no emergency, and you can still see him on Facebook or hanging out with friends, then it is clear that he is ignoring you. You will need to consider why he could be doing this, as there are reasons for sure. Let us look at the top 9 things that may be the cause and what to do when you find that he doesn’t reply to your text or lies to you to avoid meeting you.

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# He has to ignore due to a major preoccupation in life

It is important to face the truth and not listen to lies; your boyfriend has other matters to take care of in his life. It could be that he is preoccupied with a major event in his life and is deeply absorbed in it so that it becomes hard for him to contact you. While there may not be an excuse for him to remain silent, at least there is a good reason why he is not communicating or is resorting to lies. It is important to think of this possibility, especially if you have been quite demanding of him. If you are the kind who will want to text him every single minute or you spend hours on the phone talking to him, he will start to realize that this is eating a lot of his time. In case he doesn’t have enough time, not only will he put off getting in touch with you, but can totally forget about your calls and texts.

# Your boyfriend is cheating and so chooses to ignore

The moment you see your boyfriend ignore you, you do not have to automatically conclude that he is cheating on you. Even if he lies, remain patient. However, you should also not rule out this possibility. Before coming to a conclusion, you will need to access his behavior. In case you find that he is ignoring you but seems to find time to hang out with other women, then you should consider cheating to be a possibility. Ask for a date with your boyfriend. This may give him a hint of what you want the date for. Ensure that the date will be an opportunity to do something that he enjoys. Even if you enjoy shopping, it may not be a good idea of a date for him. Find out whether he would be happy in an amusement park, a movie or even at a show where his favorite band will be performing. Ensure that you will be dressing in your best attire for the date. Perhaps, all that is necessary is a reminder of how beautiful you are! You can also invite him to play a game with you. During the date, focus on the good stuff. Ensure that he remains engaged and ask him any question that you may have in a warm as well as playful manner. Ensure that he gets a chance to make the relationship work. Remind him why he chose you over other girls.

# Your boyfriend needs space; so chooses to ignore

Men can be like some young athletic persons who will need a break after engaging in a strenuous activity. They may require breathing space and will tell lies to avoid you. If you are the kind who is always chatting him up on social media or you appear as if you are attached to his hip, he may probably want some space. When you find that he is ignoring you, it could be that he is simply trying to get some time alone to iron out his issues. You shouldn’t take this personally each time it happen, as it is not a regular occurrence. There are also dudes out there who are introverts and will regularly unplug from all form of social life. In simple terms, the only reason why he could be ignoring you is that he has been ignoring everyone else. While this may not seem to be fair, it is a fact of life that some people have very poor socialization skills. If you realize that this is the reason why your boyfriend is ignoring you, there is little that you can do apart from waiting for him to get back to his cheerful self.

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# Your boyfriend is thinking about something else

It is not a lie that men don’t like sharing their feelings with women. This is the reason why you find that your man will rarely come to you if he has something bothering him. The reason why he is silent could be related to family, work or even friends. When men are faced with a worry, they focus on solving it and this may cause them to ignore the people around them. If you think this is the reason why he is ignoring you, the best way of handling it is by speaking about it. Find out why he may be ignoring you. Is it that you bothered him? Is there something that you said accidentally that did not go well with him? This may be all that you need to bring your mind as well as his at rest.

# Boyfriend is angry; so is forced to ignore

Probably, you have never been mad with someone to the point where you did not know how to articulate the issue. So, you opted to just keep quiet rather than tell lies and pretend that everything is okay. If he has started ignoring you after a fight, then this is the reason for doing that. It could be that he is afraid of jumping into all that negativity and thinking about you as a problem. Whenever he talks to you, it will remind him of the negativity. Consider the last interaction that you had with him. Did you treat him in a bad way? Did you bring up for discussion an issue that he didn’t want to discuss? While communication is the key in a relationship, arguments are just part of it as well. A good idea of finding out whether you have wronged him is by asking some open-ended questions. In case you find that you have wronged him, you will need to apologize and also do something special that will show your partner that you care. According to Aimee Harstein, a relationship psychotherapist, an effective way dealing with this is by making your partner open up. He adds that you cannot pretend that it is not happening as the relationship will not function or move forward under such circumstances. Therefore, he advises ladies to break the ice. While he may not be ready to speak to you, send a text to him and let him know that you would like to understand his perspective. Ask him to convey his feelings. However, avoid being judgmental even as you do that.

# He is simply jealous, so is forced to ignore

If you are spending a lot of time with the girls or with the cute guy in the neighborhood, you might make him feel jealous. There are different ways in which men can show their jealousy. If you notice this is happening, a good idea is to stop talking about that cute neighbor too often. Also ensure that you spend more quality time with him. It is never easy to be ignored by the love of your life. However, it is important to avoid allowing it to get into your head. When you get emotional and sad about it, this will lower your dignity. Instead, smile and stay happy. The fact that he is ignoring you won’t hinder your day. The more happiness you portray, the more he will want to be part of that happiness.

# You are nagging your boyfriend, so he wants to ignore

If you are the kind who will only call to complain how unfair life is to you, you might witness that he starts ignoring your next text. Or it could be that you are always the kind who will only call to ask for a favor. While you may not figure this out, you may be nagging your boyfriend. It may be that he is ignoring you as he doesn’t want to always help you out with money or even with those random tasks. If you find that your guy never asks you for a favor, it could be that he also doesn’t want you to keep asking him to do things for you.

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# Your boyfriend wants to end the relationship

It could be that your boyfriend is already cheating on you and has found someone who makes him happier than you. The only problem is that he doesn’t have the courage to tell you so. Instead of getting into that long conversation with you or even telling you a lie, he chooses to ignore you. He may be wondering the best way of breaking the news to you. He may also be assuming that you will be able to pick the cues and move on with your life. A good idea is to consider how you have related with him in the past. Was there a time when he refused to communicate to you? Was there something important that he avoided telling you because he believed you would be hurt? If your are answer is yes, then there are indications that he may be having trouble expressing himself openly. This may sound bad, but this is just how relationships are nowadays. If you feel that he is acting that way because he is cheating on you, you will need to end the relationship. However, you should avoid rushing to end the relationship based on suspicion alone. If you are sure that he is already cheating on you, then the best thing to do will be to end the relationship.

# Your boyfriend needs time with his family

If the relationship is still in its nascent stages, he may try to ignore you as a way of protecting you from the prying eyes of his family members. In case he feels that he needs time with the family, you should allow him that. Avoid being possessive to a point where you make him feel caged. This is especially the case if it is during the holidays such as Thanksgiving Day or Christmas. When you find that he isn’t texting you, there are chances that he is caught up in some family affairs.

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