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Few Helpful Tips On Preparing For Your Job Interview

By: Pinki Wed, 23 Sept 2020 4:15 PM

Few Helpful Tips on Preparing For Your Job Interview

Waiting for the final job interview? You are probably stressed, because you do not really know what to do. It is alright. HR officers are used to dealing with nervous applicants, so they would go easy on you. However, this is not an excuse to flop. For them, this is actually the best part of scrutinizing applicants, because they can find out who have the guts to overcome the weakness they feel so they can perform their bestóand this is a good quality they look for in potential employees.

Tips on preparing for your job interview

To help you get ready for your upcoming interview, here are some preparation tips that you will find easy and handy.

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Do your research

Whether you have intentionally submitted your application or you were only trying your luck, you have to study about the company and job position you apply for if you want to get hired. Why would they hire you if you do not even have the slightest idea about the kind of job you want to get?

Research about the background, services, and even the mission/vision of that office. Then, look into the job description of what you applied for, and find out how you can relate your skills to it. This way, you can readily give them the reason why they should hire you.

Practice with a friend

To lessen the tension you might feel when you face your interviewers, ask a friend to do mock interviews with you. He or she will act as the interviewer and that person will be the one to throw the questions to you.

Practice makes perfect. To get rid of your nervousness and stammer, you may also keep practicing by orally answering the possible interview questions in front of the mirror.

Search for the common questions asked during job interviews and try to answer them spontaneously. Just a piece of advice though, do not try to memorize answers because you do not want to sound like reciting in classóand you do not even know the actual questions.

job interview,tips for preparing job interview,interview tips

Look professional but not intimidating

Sometimes, interviewees tend to overdo their attire for the interview. Yes, you want to impress your future boss, but not by wearing too much. You would not want them to think you are a party animal, or you want to intimidate them. Make your getup professional but simple. For girls, makeup and accessories are good, but please keep them minimal.

Regarding clothes, avoid wearing jeans and shirts. Do not wear too skimpy, fitting, or any daring outfit. Wear formal or semi-formal attire. Also, avoid wearing striking colors like bright red. Red symbolizes power and passionóit is good for your careeróbut not when you are only an applicant, because it may give a proud impression to your interviewers, and you do not want them feeling threatened by your aura. Wear formal but comfortable footwear too.

Greet them with a smile and smile always

Have you ever noticed how contagious smile is? If you genuinely smile at a frowning or serious person, he or she will soon return it. A smile can lighten the atmosphere. If you want to charm your interviewers, then enter the office with a bright smile. Also, hide your nervousness by keeping that smile up. Soon, it would make them warm and soft on you.

Smiling can also boost your confidence up. If you observe, smiling can make you feel happy. So, if you keep smiling during the interview, then you will feel good and less shy. Just make sure you do not look dreamy and spooky.

job interview,tips for preparing job interview,interview tips

Sit formally but comfortably

You may sit the moment they tell you to sit. Sit erect, feet together, and turn your body towards the interviewers. You may also cross your legs if you are more comfortable that way. Your interviewers will also observe how you behave. Therefore, see to it that you behave professionally even when sitting.

However, make sure you are comfortable with your sitting position too. Discomfort can distract you from focusing on the questions of the interviewers. When you are comfortable, you feel relaxed and less nervous.

Make eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with the interviewers is also important especially when answering their questions. First of all, it makes you look genuine with your answers. It is said that if someone is lying to you, that person cannot look you in the eye. So, keeping eye contact will convince them of your sincerity.

Also, it can give an impression that you are confident with the ideas you express, and you are not afraid to speak about them. This is an indication of boldness and empowerment traits that are found in leadersóand that makes you a good catch.

Modulate your voice

Well-modulated voice usually signifies professionalism and leadership. If you ever noticed, people with low and deep voices can get the attention of listeners better than those with high pitched, squeaky voices. Low-keyed voices sound more authoritative.

So, if you want the interviewers to take you seriously, then you have to modulate your voice to make it deeper when talking to them. Voice projection can help you command their attention.

Inject humor once in a while

If your interview sounds too serious, everybody, including you, stiffens. Interviewers know these, that is why they crack jokes sometimes to break the ice. Once the mood has lightened, the interviewee becomes less nervous in answering questions.

As the interviewee, you can insert wit and humor in your answers too. Making your interviewers laugh is a strategy you can use if you want them to recognize you among the long line of applicants. Of course, this should be done without going beyond the limit to avoid being unprofessional.

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