How An On-Off Relationship Affect You Mentally

By: Pinki Mon, 17 Sept 2018 10:24 AM

How an On-Off Relationship Affect You Mentally

On-Off relationships are the worst and the best thing ever. As much as it looks romantic and depicts a happy ending in TV shows and movies, in real life things don’t always turn out like that. Other than all the stress to your body, mental health is also affected. There is plenty of scientific research done to indicate how bad things can get for our mental health only because of a yo-yo relationship. Here are some of the basic impacts.

* Why the Break?

A good relationship is prone to its own share of fights and misunderstandings. But breaking up or taking a break from each other very often shows you both aren’t fully committed to this relationship in the first place. Breaking up often can make you lose self-esteem and draw negative emotions in your mind about life, love and other things even when things are going great. You’ve started overthinking everything and anything to compensate and avoid thinking about your partner. Constant switching between hate and love can ruin your trust, faith, and self-esteem.

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* Physical Effects

You’ve started ignoring your physical health for the sake of appeasing your partner mentally. You probably have picked on some form of mild disorders that pop out whenever you’re reminded of them in a bad way or bad memories. Nail biting, insomnia, body aches, headaches, oversleeping, split end picking, and nausea are common signs of panic and stress. These are clearly affecting your daily life and people are starting to notice the changes in you.

* All About Them

Your entire life now revolves around them and their life. You’ve pretty much let them take over your life. You can’t help but wince and cringe when you hear their name or anything about them in hatred. As much as you love them, there are times when you loathe them and wish to get out from this toxic relationship. But mentally you are now tied to their moods, actions, and decisions. When they are happy, you are too but when they are down, you feel worse than them.

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