Say 'Welcome' To Devrani From The Heart

By: Priyanka Tue, 24 Nov 2020 5:09 PM

Say 'Welcome' to Devrani from the Heart

What will she do when the new Devrani comes home? Will consider her as your competitor or try to make friends. 'Whole house is my responsibility' You believe until Devrani comes home. In a newly-married bride, suddenly you see the distribution of responsibilities as well as rights. This feeling makes your state of mind such that even if you want, you do not consider Devrani as a member of the family. Then there are often quarrels or estrangement. This is the reason why most people do not expect this relationship to be good. While it is possible that in this relationship also the color of love can be dissolved. It is not so difficult that it is not possible. With a little effort, this relationship can also be made full of love. Because Jethani comes home first, it is her responsibility to take the first step and make Devrani feel familiar in the new house. How will all this happen? We answer

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# Treat her as a Friend

In the new house, there is only Jethani, who acts as a friend to Devrani. There is only Jethani in the whole house, who can understand the situation of Devrani very well. But often the whole family along with Jethani starts to judge Devrani, who is a part of the new fledgling family. It is lacking in this, it is good ... While giving a judgment, the whole family fills the new days of devarni with despair. But as a Jethani, you have to be first. Devrani has to make her feel like being his friend. So that he too can feel the love relationship with you other than the made image.

# Do friendship like this

There are many ways to make friendship with Devrani. Make him feel that you are his sympathizer. This realization can be made in many ways. Believe it, you do not have to work too hard for this. On the very first day, do some emotional talk with Devrani, like whenever I want to say something, I am there to remember. Come to me when I remember home. Or 'Mother-in-law gets angry with these things, yet if there is a mistake, I am.' All these things will go a long way in bringing you closer to them.

# Do not accept her as your competition-

Devrani is just like any other family member. To be treated in the same way is absolutely no work. The more common you consider her, the more she will become your friend and the whole family will be happy. But as you consider him your competitor, life will become difficult for everyone. Then there will be no end to this competition. Think a little, this is a whole life cycle.

welcoming devrani,relationship tips,mates and me,welcoming devrani with whole heart

# Listen to each other and not to others

We all have our own thought processes, we all are different. At times, it is the communication gap that leads to bumps in a relationship. If you need something from the other, just ask. Similarly, if you think that there is a better way of doing something, then say it. But just by saying things, everything wouldn't turn out to be rosy. One needs to listen to the other as well. There are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, before you jump to any conclusion, listen to other's side of the story as well. Whatever it is, try to solve it by yourself. Do not invite others to solve your problem. Do not take gossips seriously.

# Do things together

The best way to understand each other is by spending some time together. No, we aren't asking you to go on exotic dates (although, that wouldn't be such a bad idea) but you should try to find time for each other. The best way to do this would be to do things together. Don't lock yourself away in your rooms. Step out and share the load. By doing things together, you will not only enjoy your work but will get to understand each other as well. You will get to know about each other's way of doing things and thought manner as well.

# Give each other space

As we mentioned earlier, you should have an open and good conversation with each other, but that doesn't mean that you should try to be a part of every conversation the other one is having. Giving space is important too. Talk to each other, go out for shopping or coffee or both, help each other with chores; but, give each other some space to breathe. Do not interfere too much in each other's lives. Be open while maintaining some boundaries.

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