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Every Man Gets Confused With These Statments Of Women

By: Priyanka Mon, 30 Nov 2020 4:35 PM

Every Man Gets Confused With These Statments Of Women

It is said that only a woman understands a woman. Long extensive articles have been written about the female character and understanding it. This is because understanding a woman is not an easy task. Especially for men. Women remain a puzzle to men many times even in everyday life. There are some things that every woman normally says which to understand becomes a confusion for men.

Let's see

Most men talk clearly, while women tend to talk things out. Let's see these things involved. Actually women do not learn to say no. That's why most women see instead of speaking. These words make men confused whether the woman will do the work or not.

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Do I look fat?

A question that remains on the tongue of women. Especially when they are getting ready by heart. In such a situation, when she asks her favorite question to men, then she wants answers in her mind. But what to answer, these men could not decide till date. Because if they say yes then trouble and no, then even trouble. Women are not satisfied with both these answers.

What are you thinking?

Seeing the man calm and lost in himself, women become interested to know what is going on in the man's mind. When you are no longer there, you just sit and ask, what are you thinking? Now what to answer, these men are unable to decide. Because if they give the right answer, then they will have to face hundred questions. Therefore, the answer of men is usually nothing.

You are just like him

It is not easy to recover from the past relationship. Women often compare their former partner to their current partner. Actually women notice very small things. In such a situation, many things are commonly found in human nature. But if they see something similar in both the companions, then they say that you are just like him. In such a situation, the man does not understand that she is pointing to something good about him or that she is counting the reason why she had left the old partner.

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I'm fine

How are you When women are unhappy or alright, in response, I am fine. At the same time, they also hope that men understand from their answer that they are not well. But this is not possible every time. In such a situation, the person is not able to understand them, like a show of taunts. This nature of women remains a puzzle for men.

“Maybe it ain’t Maybelline.”

Some women put on makeup to be attractive to men, and many other women do it for themselves. Makeup can accentuate features that make a woman feel beautiful. But if we’re talking about what drives me crazy in a good way, it’s a woman who recognizes her natural beauty and feels confident enough to flaunt it instead of covering it up.

“Don't talk to me.”

Have you ever reached out to someone you’re digging only to get the cold shoulder? Logical conclusion: Not interested. Right? Not so fast. Some women show interest by not showing interest. They choose the tactic of being mean or concealing their attraction. Ladies, don’t shroud your interest.

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