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Tips To Keep In Mind For Dating Someone Above 40

By: Pinki Wed, 02 Dec 2020 4:22 PM

Tips To Keep in Mind For Dating Someone Above 40

You were busy planning your life while life happened and at 40 you were again carrying the single status. Scary, right? No, not at all! You now have learned from your previous mistakes and you are ready to change. You are looking forward to putting your best foot forward, so what is holding you back? If you are thinking that you are too old for the whole dating scenario, then you are absolutely wrong. The age 40 is the new 20. The dating thing is not that scary. Once you make the right decision, you will be able to enjoy every moment of your life all over again. Take everything in your stride and start afresh. Life has given you a second chance, so why not embrace it with open arms! Keep your doubts aside and enjoy your single status all over again.

When someone is over 40 their expectation is completely different from the ones who are in their 20s. As we age gracefully we start to value things that money can’t buy like kindness and compassion. People over 40 expect the partner to be considerate towards them. They are no longer looking for swanky cars, houses or bank balance, rather they are looking for a true partner who will be by their side and love them unconditionally. Though materialistic things are very much important for a living, people over 40 seek inner peace more than outer superficiality.

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# Starting a family

If you are a woman who is on the threshold of 40, then starting a family at this age might be a concern. Though there are many women who have successfully embraced motherhood at or after 40, there are chances that complications might creep in anytime. For men who are over 40, it doesn’t matter much because they can father a child until much later.

# Outlook towards relationship

For younger people, dating can be all fun without any strings attached, but when someone is dating over 40 their expectation from a relationship will be completely different. If you are dating someone who is over 40, then you must know that their attitude towards the relationship is completely different from that of yours. They will be ready to commit because they know how short-lived happiness could be. They have experienced life like no other, so now they know the value of true love. They are quite clear about what they are looking for in a relationship. They have the experience to fall back on when they are facing any crisis in a relationship and they know exactly how to come out of it unscratched. At 40, you can actually start enjoying life because now you are comfortable in your skin. Your relationship will be more relaxed and enjoyable without bending down to expectations.

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# Be confident

At 40, it is quite natural to have some doubts about one’s own looks and dressing sense, more so when someone is trying to get into the dating arena after a long time. But, it is very important to be confident, fit, good looking and healthy. You will automatically look good when you are feeling good about yourself from inside. So, start accepting your flaws and you will see that you are more comfortable in your skin. It is the very important when you are dating.

# What are you looking for?

Be realistic in your approach, don’t expect too much. It doesn’t mean that you accept whatever comes your way. No, it doesn’t work that way either. You should have a clear idea about what you are looking for and that should not be far from reality. You should have the picture of the potential partner in your mind and don’t settle for anything less than that. But make sure that the potential partner has the ability to commit to a long-lasting relationship and not just a fling.

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# Shrug off your past

When you are at the threshold of entering a new relationship, then you must not carry the baggage of your past. It will spoil the present and your future. You are no longer married; you are out of there, so wipe it out of your mind as well. Enjoy the singles status and embrace the new life with open arms. Don’t let the bad experience of the past haunt you down at present. If you do that, then you are in for a disaster. At 40, you should be smart enough to decide what is good for you and leave that is a wreck.

# Know your partner well

If you have met online, then make sure that you know your partner well before committing anything. Even if you are thinking of meeting, then also it is important that you have a basic idea about your partner. So, the best way to know your partner online would be through emails and chat. Then you can exchange number and talk over the phone to get to know each other even better and then finally when you are sure about the person, meet them in person. When you are meeting for the first time, it is better if you arrange the date in a public place. If you see an instant connection between both of you, then a second date is on the card else a goodbye.

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# Take it slow

If you expect to jump into a relationship and get rid of the singles status as soon as possible, then you are highly mistaken. Instead, you should take it slowly and don’t rush into a relationship, just for the sake of it. Look for commitment more than anything else. Your wild days are over, now it is time to value a relationship. Therefore, lust should not take over the love.

# Finding the perfect match

People over 40 understand more than ever the importance of the right companion. At this age, if you are financially stable, then you are most likely to get a match within no time. But, whether the person is the perfect match for you is the big question. Don’t fall into the trap, rather evaluate and communicate well before entering into any relationship. Don’t be a boring person when you are out on a date. Share your earlier fun experiences to see how your partner reacts to it. If you are looking for something serious in a relationship, then your partner should accept you with all your shortcomings.

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# Use your experience

This is not the first time that you are dating someone. You must have gone out on a date when you were singles at a young age. Why not use the experience here? Learn from your earlier mistakes and try to avoid the same mistake again.

# Honesty is the key

Honesty is the base of any relationship, irrespective of the age. Whether you are a young couple or an old one, a relationship won’t stand the test of time if you are not honest. Be honest about the purpose or the aim of your dating, it will help you to reach out to your perfect match.

# Anger is not good

If a partner cheated on you in the past, then don’t project your anger on your new partner. Most likely, your current partner will be different from the ones you have had in the past. You cannot judge someone based on your earlier experiences. You should let go of your anger and start enjoying life.

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