5 Most Strongest Earthquake In India

By: Pinki Thu, 10 Jan 2019 12:34 PM

5 Most Strongest Earthquake in India

The Indian subcontinent has a history of devastating earthquakes and Indian Ocean series of large tsunamis and flood. The major earthquake zones of India are shortlisted by National Center for Seismology, there are total 5 highest risks zone that may suffers earthquakes of high intensity.

* 2015 India/Nepal Earthquake

April 2015 Nepal earthquake was the worst natural disaster of Nepal and major aftershock were also reported from neighboring Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. Operation Maitri was the name of rescue and relief operation from India to help Nepal.

* 2011 Sikkim Earthquake

2011 Sikkim Earthquake was occurred near the border of Nepal and Sikkim, also the earthquake was felt across northeastern India with a moment magnitude of 6.9.

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* 2005 Kashmir Earthquake

2005 Kashmir Earthquake was considered as the deadliest earthquake to hit South Asia with a registered moment magnitude of 7.6.

* 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and tsunami was one of the most devastating natural disaster in India and also deadliest natural disasters in recorded history of 14 countries.

* 2001 Bhuj Earthquake

2001 Bhuj Earthquake also known as Gujarat earthquake occurred on 26 January 2001 on the Republic Day of India at 08:46 AM IST. The earthquake with a registered moment magnitude of 7.7 destroyed nearly 400,000 homes and damaged millions of structures.

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