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Story Of Kaali Maa Temple That Serves 'Noodles' As Prasad

By: Sandeep Tue, 16 Jan 2018 10:12 PM

Story of Kaali Maa Temple That Serves 'Noodles' as Prasad

India is a home to hundreds of God-Goddess. Every temple has some different rituals. One such Kali Mata temple is situated in Kolkata. The temple was constructed by the people of China. In Hindu mythology, Maa Kali is an symbole of anger, but in Kolkata is worshipped as Goddess of Wealth. This temple is situated 12 km away from Kolkata in Tangra city.most of the people here are Chinese. And this city is also known as China Town.

With all the hatred on the internet and bloodshed happening around the world, there seems to be no unity around. But if we look around, even with all that's wrong in the world, there are tiny rays of goodness, showing that there still is some hope for mankind.

According to some stories, 60 years ago the city did not had any Kali mata temple. Under a tree, there were some black stones placed, which were being worshipped by the people as Goddess. Once a chinese kid fell ill. After many tries, the child did not showed any recovery. No-one was able to identify the reason of his sickness. The family member of that child started praying in front of those stones kept under tree. After contine worship, the child showed improvement. After this, chinese people started to beleive in the power of Goddess Kali. AFter few years, people built a temple at that place, and is now known as Chinese Kali Maa temple.

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Even though for most of the year, the Chinese and Hindu neighbourhood are barely seen mingling with each other, but come pujo, and there is an energy that surrounds the people of the place. Even on a regular weekday, you can see Chinese residents take off their shoes and enter the temple to invoke the blessings of the goddess.

The temple site is around 60-years-old, and used to be a couple of sindoor smeared black stones under a tree. People living there used to worship the stones. After a while, the Chinese followed suit.

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