5 Vastu Tips To Attract Money In Home

By: Pinki Sat, 18 May 2019 3:00 PM

5 Vastu Tips To Attract Money in Home

According to the Indian mythology, Lord Kuber is the God of wealth. Keep the God happy and money will surely flow into the house. The best thing is that it is quite easy to keep Lord Kuber happy, just follow these simple Vastu tips. Whether it will please the God or not, well… that will remain a mystery, but it will surely attract money into your home. Make sure that you follow these tips religiously and honestly to reap the benefits from the Vastu shashtra.

* Welcome home the wealth

Money will enter home through the entrance. So it is important to have a neat, clean, obstruction-free, welcoming and amazingly beautiful entrance. The entrance of the home attracts prosperity and happiness. Hang a bell or wind chime near the entrance, its auspicious sound will be a magnet for money. Also keep it well lit, fix a beautiful lamp just above the door and make it shine.

* The wealthy colours

Red, violet and green are the vastu colours which are believed to attract money. Introduce these colours in the interior of your home. Walls, cabinets, furniture, furnishing or accessories, there are many ways to add colours to invite wealth into your home.

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* The golden hue

Gold symbolises wealth and prosperity. So if you want to become wealthy, let the glitter of gold become a part of your home. Golden accessories, furnishing, wall colour or decorations, golden hue will look elegant, rich and chic.

* Clean and organized kitchen

Kitchen is the main energy source of the home and so it is responsible for happiness and prosperity. A well organized and clean attractive kitchen brings in wealth and prosperity. In fact it is important to keep the house organized and clean to impress the Lord of wealth. If you are working hard to earn and save money, keep your home clean and clear.

* Right time Make sure that all clocks

If your home are in working condition and showing correct time. Vastu shashtra believe that non-working clock brings your finances to stand still. Slow clocks signify that you are slow and behind in your life. Keep yourself up to date and walk with time to enjoy the wealth.

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