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5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Traveling Abroad

By: Pinki Mon, 18 June 2018 09:39 AM

5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Traveling Abroad

If you want to go abroad and you are facing difficulties in going due to some reason, then doing some easy ways of Vaastu your desire can be fulfill very quickly. But first of all, it is also important to see what is the purpose of foreign travel, for how long it is to go and what kind of problems are coming.

* The Vayavya direction of the house is related to foreign trips, so note that if there is a Vaastu dosha in the Vayavya direction, then obstacles came in going to abroad. If the Vayavya kone of the house is contaminated due to elevated, chopped, underground water tank, boring, basement or closure from agni or naitratya kone, then the person's dream of going to abroad can remain incomplete. Get it removed.

* The possibility of going to abroad increase by sleeping in the Vayavya direction bedroom. If due to some reason in hurdles are coming your foreign travel, then you can sleep for few days in the Vayavya direction bedroom.

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* During the foreign travel, the luggage that you have to take with you, such as bag of clothes, briefcase, visa, passport, etc., by keeping these necessary things in the Vayavya direction of your room can also result in going out of the house quickly.

* If you want to go abroad with the aim of attaining education or earning money, then it is important that along with the Vayavya direction of your home north direction is also open and free from dosha. To get a quick relief keep fountain, fish Aquarium in the north direction.

* If you have to go abroad for the purpose of achieving any important research, award, honors or post, then it is very auspicious to open the east side. Keep the windows and doors on the east side of the house open as much as possible, so that more auspicious energy can enter the house. To increase the auspiciousness of east side, it will be auspicious to place a bronze sun in the east side of drawing room lobby or workplace.

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