6 Vastu Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Debts

By: Pinki Thu, 14 May 2020 12:33 PM

6 Vastu Tips To Help You Get Rid of Debts

Money is one of the most important things in life and is needed by everybody to fulfill all their wants and desires. Earning money is not a cake walk, one needs to work for hours for fulfilling one’s family needs. Everyone desires a luxurious and lavish lifestyle and they try to work hard for the same. Most of us want healthy financial conditions and debt-free life but sometimes it becomes really difficult as many people are not able to survive in their income which forces them to take loans and debts to meet their expenses.

In this fast pacing world, taking a short-term loan has become really common. With the introduction of EMI’s and installment system, people find it really easy to take loans. The habit of taking up loans for buying even the affordable things has become really common as a large amount of capital is not deducted from their accounts. But it has disadvantages of their own as one has to pay interest over this and this causes a lot of financial burden on the person later. Here comes the role of Finance Horoscope, this horoscope tells the native about the astrological reasons for financial problems and what are the astrological remedies that should be taken for the clearance of loans and debt.

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* The person under dept should always sleep in a room in the South West direction.

* Always keep all the money, jewelry and expensive items in the South West zone of the bedroom in a cupboard which is facing in the north or east direction. This helps growth in income and there will be less difficulty in the life of the debtor.

* Ensure that there are no doors or windows in the North West or South West direction of the bedroom. If there are any windows or a gate in that direction, keep it closed.

vastu tips,vastu tips to get rid of debts,debts,astrology tips

* Inflow of money is always directed towards the North direction of the house. Hence you can always get an underground water tank in this direction and get your debt paid.

* To avoid getting into a situation in which you need to sell your house to clear the debt, construct the South West zone higher or create an iron angle/brick construction in that area. This will help you secure the house from debt.

* Never keep heavy objects North or East direction of the house. This may lead to debt or some kind of loss. If the North direction of the house has high boundary walls, reduce their height and make the walls in the South zone a bit higher, with an inclination towards the North, East or North East zone.

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