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Know The Nature Of Person From There Sleeping Position

By: Pinki Tue, 27 Nov 2018 12:11 PM

Know The Nature of Person From There Sleeping Position

People tend to be the most relaxed on when they are sleeping, but is that really true? From sleeping like a baby to ready for a run, there are many sleep positions and even more varities of sleepers. Some are light sleepers who wake up in a second while some don’t wake up till an alarm clock is beside your ear. Here are some sleeping positions and what they mean about your personalities.

* Fetal

The most vulnerable sleeping position, the fetal position shows that you are searching for safety and trying to imitate the time when you were in the womb. You tend to show a tough exterior to the world but internally you’re very weak and scared of being hurt and left alone. You are shy and introverted and keep to yourself most of the time.

* Straight Back

Sleeping on your back apparently, makes you feel most refreshed the next day. You are more serious and rigid in your thoughts and focused on your decisions. Lying straight on your back indicates that you are relaxed in the best position and have a good night’s sleep with no disturbances.

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* Arms Out

Having your arms out while sleeping means you are looking for someone to take care of your and protect you. It also is called the yearning position since it looks like you’re searching for someone or something. You aren’t gullible and take a lot of time to make decisions but when you do you don’t change your mind.

* Side Sleeping

Side sleepers are the ones who are stressed and usually looking for an external comfort. This could mean you sleep holding something or need a pillow behind your back. Side sleepers are vulnerable even in their sleep and often have a fight or flight personality. They are always tired and never get proper sleep even if they sleep for a long time.

* On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is hands down the most comfortable position of all. But what does it mean about your personality? Sleeping on your stomach while holding onto pillow indicates that you are brash and hate taking criticism from others. You also do your best to avoid extreme situations as you get panicked and mess it up more.

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