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Navratri 2019- 5 Things To Bring In House For Prospertiy During Navratri

By: Pinki Thu, 04 Apr 2019 2:34 PM

Navratri 2019- 5 Things To Bring In House For Prospertiy During Navratri

The entire country will be celebrating Navratri from 6th April, 2019 with much enthusiasm and fervour. It is one of the most auspicious times in the Hindu calendar and is celebrated through different ways in different parts of the country. During this time, devotees sing songs in honour of the goddess and observe fast as well.

However, do you know that apart from the usual rituals, few things, if kept at home during Navratras can help you attract health and wealth? Here are those things and make sure to get them home.

* Lotus

The lotus flower is a favourite of Goddess Laxmi --- it is said that keeping a fresh lotus flower in your temple every day during Navratras will make Goddess Laxmi happy and she will bless you with health and wealth.

* Silver or Gold coin

it is considered auspicious if you a buy a gold or silver coin with a picture of Laxmi and Ganesh embossed on it. You can do so on the first day of Navratris and keep it in either in your temple or your household locker.

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* Peacock feather

Goddess Saraswati held a peacock as very close to her --- it is said that keeping a peacock feather in your temple will attract positive vibes for you and will also cure the Vastu Dosha in your area.

* Laxmi idol

It is said that for wealth and prosperity, you should bring home an idol of Goddess Laxmi. Make sure she is in a sitting position in the idol, showering her blessings on everyone.

* 16 shringar items

Navratra is the celebration of the female beauty, so it is said that buying the "16 shringar" or cosmetic items during Navratras will make you healthy and wealthy. Let us now talk about the must do's during this Navratri and talk about the things that are deemed important during Navratri.

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