Ramadan 2018- 5 Secrets About Ramadan

By: Pinki Fri, 01 June 2018 12:39 PM

Ramadan 2018- 5 Secrets About Ramadan

As a true Muslim, the arrival and presence of Ramadhan this year a very happy and very awaited. How not to perform the ritual of Ramadan, many practices, horror and the benefits that we have, both in life and in the hereafter.

Therein lies the importance for us is to unveil the secrets of fasting as one of the most important part of the worship of Ramadan.

* Strengthen the Soul

In living life, do not we find some people dominated by their own lusts, and men obeyed, whatever be his desire even though the desire is a falsehood and disturbing, and cheats. Therefore, in Islam there is an order to fight their desires in terms of trying to be able to operate them, not kill the desire that we should have no desire for worldly things. While the men losing this war, big disasters will happen because people lose the war against the desires will be turned penuhanan from Allah SWT as the true God to the desires that tend to cause people to distraction. God ordered us to this problem in his word which means: So have you ever seen people make their desires as his Lord and God let him astray of knowledge.

* Will Educate

Fasting educate a person to have a genuine willingness in goodness, even to carry out the goodness that is blocked by various obstacles. Fasting is good will make a person continue to maintain the good wishes, even though the opportunity to deviate so much. Therefore, the Prophet said: Fasting is half of patience. In this connection, the spiritual power of fasting will make a more vibrant Muslim. Spiritual power of the prime will make a person will not forget myself though have achieved success or worldly pleasures are very large, and spiritual strength will also create a Muslim would not despair even if the suffering experienced very difficult.

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* Healthy Body

Besides health and spiritual strength, fasting is good and right will also provide a positive influence of physical health. It is not only expressed by the Prophet, but also has been proven by doctors or health professionals who make the world we need not doubt it anymore. They concluded that at certain moments, the stomach must be rested from the work to process the food intake as well as the engine must be laid to rest, especially in Islam, we really stomach contents should be divided into three, one-third for food, one third to one-third for water and air .

* Know Your Enjoyment Value

In this life, is already so much pleasure that God gave to humans, but many people are not smart grateful. Can one not feel good because it wanted the two, can the two do not feel good because it wanted three and so on. However, if people want to observe and contemplate, what has actually gained a lot of fun because so many people are getting something no more or no easier than what we get. So with fasting, humans are not just told to observe and contemplate about the pleasures that have been obtained, but also told to feel directly how large the actual blessings God has given us. This is because only a few hours we did not eat and drink has been felt well the suffering that we experience, and when we break the fast, feels really big favor from God, even if only a grain of dates or a sip of water. Therein lies the importance of fasting in order to educate us to realize the high value of the pleasure that God gives us to the next to be intelligent people are grateful and do not downplay the pleasure of God, even in terms of the number is few and small.

* Remembering and Experiencing Suffering of Others

Feel hungry and thirsty also give us experience how the perceived severity of the suffering of others. Because the experience of hunger and thirst that we feel will soon be over with just a few hours, while the suffering of others will end sometime. From here, fasting should be to nurture and strengthen our solidarity to other Muslims who have suffered so far remained unsolved, such as the suffering of our brethren in Ambon or the Moluccas, Aceh and in other areas in the country as well as occurring in various parts of the world such as in Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq, Palestine and so on. Therefore, as a symbol of solidarity, before Ramadan ends, we are obligated to give charity in order that we can gradually overcome the problems of people who suffer. Even charity is not only for the benefit of the poor and suffering, pi is also for us the issuing to such, lost our souls soiling associated with property assets like crazy, stingy and so on.

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