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Shravan 2019- 5 Astrology Tips To Get Success

By: Pinki Tue, 23 July 2019 4:45 PM

Shravan 2019- 5 Astrology Tips To Get Success

According to Hindu scriptures & Vedas, Sawan month is the holiest month of the Hindu calendar. In this month, you can perform various must have religious ceremony to welcome peace and happiness in your life. In this moth, you can start good work on any days without any fear of Nakshatra dosh.

* In this month, you should only focus on spiritual practices

* ‘Shravan Somvar Vrat’ is a powerful fast to attract good health & luck.

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* Every Tuesday in Sawan Month is also known as ‘Mangala Gauri Vrat’

* Your dedicated attenstion towards Lord shiva helps to bring for success, marriage and prosperity.

* In this month, you are going to celebrate auspicious festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Naag Panchami, and Teej.

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