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5 Beauty Benefits Of Using Ice Cubes

By: Pinki Sun, 01 Dec 2019 11:57 AM

5 Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes

When it comes to summer drinks, you cannot resist putting a few ice cubes in the glass. Be it cold coffee, a smoothie or your favorite juice, a few ice cubes is a must. But the use of ice cubes is not just limited to adding a cool element to your beverages.The humble-looking ice cubes can be a part of your beauty regimen, too. The effects of using ice cubes on your face are amazing.

Ice cubes are easy to make and are extremely versatile. You can even make some adding different ingredients to the water in the ice cube tray. Moreover, they are practically free!

* Soothes Sunburns

Too much exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can cause a sunburn. Sunburns damage your skin over time and can be really painful, too. It can even lead to peeling or blistering skin.

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* Gets Rid of Under-Eye Bags

Under-eye bags or dark circles under the eyes can be due to several reasons, such as genetics, excessive smoking, inadequate sleep, improper diet, excessive drinking, too much stress, pollution and allergies.If you have dark circles under the eyes, one quick treatment that you can try is ice cubes. Both cucumber and rose water ice cubes are beneficial in treating under-eye bags.

* Reduces Eye Puffiness

Did you cry all night? Then, chances are you will wake up the next day with puffy and swollen eyes.To deal with eye puffiness, green tea is very beneficial. With plenty of antioxidants and a dose of caffeine, it helps soothe your eyes and reduce the puffiness.

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* Works as a Face Cleanser

You can use cucumber juice and honey to make ice cube cleansers at home.While cucumber is soothing for the skin, honey is one of the best natural moisturizers around. It helps lock the moisture into your skin to make it extra smooth and soft.

* Ensures Pain-Free Eyebrow Tweezing

Tweezing your eyebrows can be painful. But now you can make it less painful by using an ice cube.The cold temperature will numb the skin and also reduce post-tweezing redness and inflammation.

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