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5 Make Up Tips To Hide Your Chubby Cheeks

By: Pinki Sat, 27 July 2019 2:07 PM

5 Make Up Tips to Hide Your Chubby Cheeks

Having a chiseled jawline is everyone’s dream come true. If you have been wanting to make your face appear longer and add some definition to your face, you can effectively do so! And the solution to do so- makeup. There’s not a single thing that makeup can’t do, all you need is to know the trick and tips to do it perfectly.

* Contour

Since you have chubby cheeks, this routine becomes the most important one to tame your chubby cheeks. Your contour needs to be more vertical than horizontal so the contour helps you that elongate the face. Opt for bronze or silver toned blush to go with your contour that will give you high cheekbones.

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* Avoid Bright Blush

When you have chubby cheeks, using anything bright will highlight it even more. Instead go a subtle shade that does not show up too much on your skin, but gives a little flush of colour to your cheeks.

* Eyebrows On Fleek

Your overall makeup adds up to making your face appear less chubby. The shape of your brows will take the attention away from your cheeks. High arched brows will make your face look slimmer and hence conceal your chubby cheeks at the same time.

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* Winged Eyes

Along with your brows make sure you move the attention towards your eyes as well. And the simplest way to do so- sport a winged eyeliner. If you’re going for a night look, go for smokey eyes and use a mascara that opens up your eyes!

* Blend

Blending is the key to making your cheeks look smaller. Unblended blush or contouring will only add to your cheeks look chubbier. So make sure you invest in a good sponges and makeup brushes so that the job is done perfectly.

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