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5 Things You Need To Include In Your Pre-Bridal Kit

By: Pinki Fri, 06 Sept 2019 11:26 AM

5 Things You Need To Include in Your Pre-Bridal Kit

Pre-wedding phase calls for a lot of juggling and hopping between many locations and events on a single day. You must look exceptionally fresh and at the same time skincare is on the top of the radar. Prepare a small easy-to-care kit. Add these 5 absolutely basic but essential products in it.

* Oil Blotting Sheets

The biggest boon to the beauty industry would be that of the invention of oil blotting sheets/papers. While hopping in-between pre-wedding chores, shopping and other worldly activities, our natural skin oil is bound to come out and be starkly evident on our face. So keep a good stock of oil blotting sheets handy. Just a few pats on the sweat-prone spots on your face will absorb all the sweat and oil and leave your face oil-free.

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* Sunscreen

Pre-wedding phase calls for a lot of going outside the house – either for dress fittings, sending wedding invites, venue hopping, etc. the list never really ends. Of course, you don’t want rough and tanned skin on your D-day, so always keep a small bottle of face-suncreen in your bag. In case you have to wash your face… Opt for the gel-based sunscreens because they are apt for the Indian weather.

* Wet Wipes

Trust wet wipes blindly! You never know when you will need them. The ones induced with natural substances can substitute for an instant face-mask when your facial skin is craving for quick cleansing and hydration.

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* Hand Sanitiser

Be it any time, ALWAYS carry a tiny bottle of hand sanitiser in your hand bag. While pre-wedding shopping and outings might call for a quick snack at your favourite food stall, you do not want to touch your face with the same hands. Opt for a moisturising sanitiser as it will not only kill germs on your hands and make them grease free too, but also retain needed moisture of your hands.

* Kajal Pencil

One need not explain why kajal pencil is needed here. Well, Indian woman can never make peace with a no-kajal look, especially when it is the matter of a bride-to-be. Just go for a simple black kajal pencil that is smudge-proof so that you do not need to worry about having racoon-eyes later.

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