Bigg Boss 11- Arshi Khan Plays Dirty Game With Luv Tyagi

By: Pinki Fri, 10 Nov 2017 12:06 PM

Bigg Boss 11- Arshi Khan Plays Dirty Game With Luv Tyagi

Bigg Boss 11 may have again failed to notch high TRPs but its contestants are making sure they offer enough drama everyday to put a saas-bahu soap to shame. On reality show’s Thursday episode, there was a whiff of new romance between Priyank and Benafsha, a fight between Hina Khan and Mehjabeen about their “class”, a claim by Arshi that Luv is looking inappropriately at her and enough conspiracy theories to keep you occupied. Phew, how do they even cram all of it in one episode?

Arshi was also seen complaining to Vikas Gupta that Luv Tyagi has looked at her inappropriately and was staring at her chest. Vikas advised her to stand up for herself and confront Luv. She did so but Luv said he had no interest in her and walked away.

Vikas tells Arshi that he wants her to trouble Luv and not let him sleep. Arshi starts teasing Luv and follows him around saying, "ab nahi dekhega?"

Arshi keeps teasing and Luv and Vikas calls him a Bouncer. Akash, Vikas and Arshi tease Luv.

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