Bigg Boss 11- Biggest Fights Of Arshi Khan Till Now

By: Pinki Thu, 09 Nov 2017 12:35 PM

Bigg Boss 11- Biggest Fights of Arshi Khan Till Now

Arshi, a Bhopal-born girl, has done several nude photoshoots, including one, where she pasted pictures of Pakistani cricketers on her breasts, and another shoot where she painted the Pakistani flag on her bust and lower body. While her Urdu dialect and obsession with Pakistani cricketers make many believe that she is a Pakistani citizen, but according to reports, she is of Indian origin.

Arshi Khan is trying her best to keep the entertainment quotient alive in the Bigg Boss house. She keeps on flirting with Hiten Tejwani and never leaves a chance to show off her assets from her Hot lingeires. But apart from all this, she been in many fights in the Bigg Boss house. Herea re some of her biggest fights yet-

# The first fight that Arshi got into the house was with Sapna Choudhary. though the two were quite good when the show started but within few days, both got into a bad fight. Arshi Khan called Sapna Choudhary, "naachnewaali" to which Sapna gave a slient attack on Arshi Khan.

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# The second fight she got into was with her best friend Shilpa Shinde. Just after Arshi lost the Sultani Akhada task, she got into a ugly war of words with Shilpa and the friendship seemed to end.

# After this Arshi Khan got into a war with Hina Khan. Both of them wnet into very bad fight over Vikas Gupta.

# Arshi Khan again got into a war of words with Shilpa over commenting to each other.

# Arshi Khan got into a bad fight with Priyank Sharma, after he returned back to BB house. Priyank commented on Arshi's past na dthis created a buzz in the house.

# Arshi khan recently had a fight again with Priyank Sharma, and she even threw her mike off and spitted on him during the fight.

# Once when Arshi khan was in jail, she and Hina Khan got into some argument which lead to Arshi spitting on Hina Khan.

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