5 Dori Blouse Designs To Flaunt Your Sexy Side

By: Pinki Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:21 AM

5 Dori Blouse Designs To Flaunt Your Sexy Side

Women, when they want to do this, they want to do it right, don’t we? Doris and/or latkans are known to add the right amount oomph to blouses. So, here are 5 dori designs that will give a touch of sex-appeal to your saree and lehenga in the the perfect amount, enough to make your guy not to leave your side.

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* Bottom-Side

These types of dori blouses are not exactly new. Banjarans (females from the Banjara tribe) are known to wear something similar as this, except their bottom-doris are at both the sides. We are sure, your guy wouldn’t want to leave your side.

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* Backless Blouse + Dori

Backless blouses with only doris are phenomenal! But you need to know how to carry them. They speak a lot about grace, sexiness and elegance all in one. To human eyes, dark and deep coloured blouses and their doris will make your skin glow and add a little extra oomph to your already sexy blouse.

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* Deep Back + Dori

No words about deep-backed blouses. They themselves are amazing sexy and can anyone, even a woman who appreciate grace and sex-appeal in other women, cannot help appreciate the sexiness it shouts. Add a same-coloured dori to it, and make it even more irresistible!

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* Patterned-Back + Dori

Patterned-back blouses with doris are quite regal. They ooze elegance, and the wearer will automatically feel a great deal of responsibility to carry this type of blouse. Add colours, patterns and textures to this kind of blouse and make it look even richer.

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* Double Doris

There is something extremely sexy about double dori backless blouses. Make sure, you have it tailor-made and fit an in-built padding in it so that it does not move a lot in its mid-section. Opt for multiple coloured and/or printed cloths for such blouses; ikat, kalamkari, ajrak, etc. prints will look amazing!

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