5 Jewellery Pieces Every Bride Must Own For Wedding

By: Pinki Tue, 25 June 2019 11:56 AM

5 Jewellery Pieces Every Bride Must Own For Wedding

If you’re getting married in the upcoming months or attending a wedding function, finding the right jewellery with all the options available can be quite a challenge. Fret not, we have the perfect trends picked for you. These statement baubles and styles are the perfect lightweight add-ons, that you can pair with your real stuff or simply sport on their own.

* Maang Tikka

Inspired by Bollywood? So are we. No on-screen wedding outfit is complete without the ornamental maang tikka. They come in many designs, you can select one by keeping in mind the nature of your forehead and the look you seek. If you have a broad forehead, a heavier maang tikka will look stunning. If your forehead is smaller than average, a lighter maang tikka will look graceful and elegant.

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* Traditional Nath

A simple nose ring can take you back in time, thanks to the traditional quality that can be instantly attributed to them. If you have chosen a minimal attire and jewellery, an ethnic nose ring would be the perfect addition to outshine your look. Nose rings make an ethnic statement, so do not hesitate to harness their power to transform you into a shimmering, otherworldly damsel.

* Go Green

From emeralds to jade and green tourmalines and agates, green is the trending colour for the season. It pairs well with almost all festive looks, and if not, then contrasts even better. Go for heavy neckpieces or minimal green earrings to give your look a royal takeover.

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* Meenakari

Originating in Persia, the ancient art of meenakari is relevant and fashionable even today. The enamel-effect of painting on metal makes a stunning statement especially when paired with vibrant colours and traditional silk saris like chanderi and kanjeevaram. Adorn meenakari chokers, earrings and bangles to go parallel with heritage this wedding season.

* Kamar Bandh

Show of those curves with ornate waist belts. Pick from a range of jeweled ones in a kundan inspired setting or go for the traditional metal ones inspired by South Indian temple jewellery. The key is how you style it – for modern cocktail saris go for a low-slung waist belt to add drama and traditional stiff silks cinched at mid-waist to add definition to hourglass curves.

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