5 Lingerie Essential Every Girl Need To Own

By: Pinki Wed, 08 May 2019 11:58 AM

5 Lingerie Essential Every Girl Need To Own

The right fit can make all the difference! An ill-fitting bra can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain; hence it is important to get the right fit. Here are 5 lingerie essentials every girl needs in her wardrobe.

* T-Shirt Bras

The ultimate bra – t-shirt bras. They are specially designed with a seamless surface for a ridge-free appearance under close fitting tops. These t-shirt bras are meant to never lose shape even when you are wearing them. They are seamless and help seem ridge free under tight tops and dresses. They give nipple coverage and help shape your breasts easily. Newer fancier t-shirt bras also make things a bit sexier for plunge necklines by having a lower cup edge. Just remember all T-shirt bras must be padded, but not all padded bras are seamless and meant for T-shirts!

* Granny panties

High waisted and more popularly known as granny panties, these knickers are the best bet for when you are on your periods. Comfortable and no-nonsense, these panties are meant to be unsexy and seemingly worn only by grannies. But that’s not exactly true since there are a variety of ‘sexy’ granny panties that are cheaper and more fancier for those who want to stay comfortable but also get some action in the bedroom.

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* Seamless Panties

Hide all those horrible panty lines in your tight dresses and skirts with seamless panties. Available in different fabrics and materials, these seamless knickers are a great choice to get a smooth shapely butt and thighs. You can always opt for a spandex shapewear.

* Strapless Bras

Strapless bras usually come with detachable straps, meaning you can wear them with or without straps. These are the best kind and somewhat similar to t-shirt bras. It’s the perfect lingerie essential for form-fitting dresses and tops. Strapless bras can be just limited to your bust or go longer till the torso for extra shaping. Strapless bras are picked from the band size so get a tighter band with a smaller cup for the right fit. Since all the support comes from this band, it is important to wear the right fit – if it’s too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable and if it’s loose it’ll keep slipping off! Stick on bras or adhesive bras are also a necessity for the modern woman who likes to wear risque clothes and look good while flaunting them. Some outfits just need a strapless bra so you need to have one in your closet.

* Shapewear

We all wish we were toned and firm, but for many of us, that isn’t the reality. That’s why every woman’s closet should contain at least one piece of shapewear. There’s just one problem with this genre of wonder-garments: shapewear has gotten so popular that it now comes in a seemingly endless array of styles and fabrics. If it’s lightweight and slips through your hands, it’s likely designed simply to smooth out targeted spots on your figure. Heavier pieces are usually armed with compression zones that will suck and tuck your body into shape. The bodysuit is popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding a separate top and bottom pieces that work.

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