5 Tips For Mens While Wearing Tailored Suit

By: Pinki Sat, 05 Oct 2019 11:12 AM

5 Tips For Mens While Wearing Tailored Suit

As the ceremonial season rolls out and celebrations kick in, it’s time to let your wardrobe do the talking. While women will shimmer and glow in glitzy evening gowns, men must suit-up and shine, as well. This International Men’s Day, it’s time you folks from Mars learn the basics of suiting up!

Below is a handy guide on five things to keep in mind for that perfectly tailored suit that will give you the ‘Bond’ look this wedding season.

* The Right Fabric is Key

Wool and Super Wool are the two popular choices for suit fabrics. Most of these are measured by the number of times the yarn has been twisted, ranging from 80 to 220. The more twisting, the more lightweight (and expensive) the fabric. Arvind’s Iconic Silk Suiting Collection is smartly crafted to enable users to experience lustrous silk with the comfort of poly wool. While silk will add to the grandeur of the attire, wool will keep you warm during the winter festivities and weddings.

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* Designed to Delight, Stitched to Perfection

Not everything that is stitched has to be traditional. Modern, trend-driven suits that include peak lapels, double vents, and a variety of patterns, have evolved over the years. Finding the right tailor who can bring your design to life by giving you inch-perfect precision will go a long way in ensuring your material and design are safe. The Arvind Store delivers classic craftsmanship that is represented through the modern style of Jackets with top-notch Fashion and Classic linings.

* The Right Shirt

The right shirt to complement your suit is extremely important to complete your look, whether you buy it or get it stitched. For colours, there’s one universal truth – White is always right! But if you do like colours, then pair a dark-colored suit with a lighter-hued shirt and vice versa. Remember, your shirt cuffs shouldn’t go over your hands, it’s a clear indication that you are wearing the wrong size.

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* Slim Is In

Designers are now going narrow on the pants as a great way to accentuate the lines of a suit and create a tailored silhouette. Another thing you might want to consider is doing the same for the sleeves of the jacket. It’s not as easy as you think because your tailor will have to deal with the lining, but it’ll be worth the trouble as it will make for a much more sophisticated look.

* Buttoned Up And Ready To Party!

What’s in a button you may wonder…the answer is simple – everything! The buttons you invest in – will enhance the look and exclusivity of your suit. Natural materials like horn, trochus, corozo, and mother of pearl are some of the options synonymous with high-quality bespoke suits. Don’t overlook this basic accessory of your suit which literally holds everything together.

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