3 Old Indian Techniques To Stay Healthy

By: Pinki Tue, 25 June 2019 12:31 PM

3 Old Indian Techniques To Stay Healthy

Many Indian, as well as foreign sociologists and anthropologists, have said that India is the only country with a great amalgamation of its age-old traditions and modern lifestyle; ‘It’s wonderful how they (Indians) take care of their traditions while running along with the modern world,’ mused one of the anthropologists.

These things aside, Indians of old times had a lot of time to absorb themselves in various activities to keep themselves fit, both physically as well as mentally. Here are 3 main age-old Indian techniques that you can also easily adopt in these modern times.

* Swordsmanship And Other Defence Training

Remember karate and judo classes were a craze all around when we were kids? Martial arts throughout the world, when practised regularly and earnestly, help us develop both physically as well as mentally. Indian martial arts varied across the country. People in ancient Indian society practised swordsmanship not only to stay agile but also to stay fit.

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* Yoga

Yoga, a yog or a union of our body, mind and soul, was originally ‘taught’ by sages in the ancient times in our country. Unlike most other forms of exercises, yoga is about gentle, conscious movements that are well timed with the correct breathing techniques. The beauty of the postures is that they can be performed by anyone, regardless of age or expertise. Moreover, one may perform these exercises either early in the morning, evening or at any other suitable time in the day. An hour of yoga exercises a day will help you develop a fitness regime for not only your physical health but also the psychological one.

* Dancing

Indeed, the 8 classical dance forms of our country are known worldwide. Classic dance had been and still is an integral part of many people’s lifestyle. Classical dance forms were originally learnt and practised in order to please the deities (according to various ancient Indian literary sources) but the minute detailing of the steps and hand gestures – the mudras, are known to develop our physical as well as psychological health. Here are the 8 classical dance forms from their respective states.

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