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Going For A Walk Is Best Way To Beat The Tiredness, Read More Benefits Of Walking

By: Jyotsna Sat, 01 Aug 2020 9:15 PM

Going for a Walk is Best Way To Beat The Tiredness, Read More Benefits of Walking

Walking has escalated in popularity. Walking for 30 to 60 minutes each day is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So, let’s take a look at the inspiring reasons to why you take out time to lace up your shoes and go!

Walking Boost Weight Loss

Walking can help in weight loss. Adding a brisk walk to your daily routine is one of the easiest and best ways maintain a healthy weight. Just 30 minutes burns 200 calories. This can lead to shedding unwanted pounds. Add a healthy diet and you are ready to get that dream fit body!

Walking Boost Energy Levels

If you are tired and feel deprived of energy, you’ll likely feel more energized after going for a walk. Some researches show that going for a walk is the best way to beat an afternoon tiredness — even more than a cup of tea/coffee.

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Walking Boosts the Power of Your Brain

Walking enhances cerebral blood flow and reduces the risk of vascular disease. It also helps prevent mental illness, the cognitive decline that often comes with old age.

Walking Boosts Our Mood

Studies show that the more steps people take during the day, the better their moods are. The reason behind this is walking and other exercise leads to the release of the body's natural happy drugs—endorphins throughout the body leaving us feeling happy and at ease. Most people notice an improvement in mood. People who walk and do other easy to moderate exercise regularly have lower stress levels.

Lower Blood Pressure

We cannot directly say that walking can help lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, but it is surprising that according to different studies, brisk walking is as good running. The results of many studies shows that there are reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes in people who practiced brisk walking similar to those who involved running in their daily routine. So try to add extra steps of walking even if you have to skip a run for a few days to get the same health benefits, if not the caloric burn.

Walking Improves Heart health

Walking can help reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and thus reduce your risk for heart disease.

Walking Can Help in Preventing Or Controlling Diabetes

“A 20- to 30-minute walk can help lower blood sugar for 24 hours,” says Tami Ross, RD, LD, a spokesperson for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Brisk walking can help prevent and manage diabetes. Even a small weight loss through brisk walking or any moderate exercise can delay and possibly prevent the onset of the disease. Thus, adding a brisk walk to your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to reach and maintain a healthy weight and keep diabetes at bay.

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Walking Maintains Bones Strength

Walking is a perfect form of weight-bearing exercise, which helps prevent the bone-thinning condition known as osteoporosis, as well as osteoarthritis, the degenerative disease that causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Walking Strengthens Muscles

Besides toning your leg and abdominal muscles, walking can even help you in strengthening your arm muscles if you pump them or carry light weights as you go.In simple words walking can help you in toning and strengthening your muscles.

shoes,walking,walking benefits,Health,Health tips

Walking Improves Sleep

Walking reduces stress levels and boosts blood circulation, leading to a more restful and relaxed mind and body at the end of the day. Thus, walking helps us to get those peaceful hours of rest which are vital hours for your overall health and wellbeing.

Walking is free and easy to Start

Some of the best things in life are still free and one the best one among those things is walking. You just need to have a pair of supportive shoes before you hit the road, or treadmill or stairs.

Thus, walking takes care of overall physical and mental well being. Walking is one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise on the planet. It’s easy to put walking into your schedule once or even multiple times a day. And you don’t need any special equipment or training other than a good pair of sneakers and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other.

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