5 Best Bus Stands Of India

By: Pinki Tue, 25 June 2019 10:53 AM

5 Best Bus Stands of India

Bus stations also known as bus depot are usually a place for intercity or states buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. There are list of major bus stations in India such as Pandit Nehru bus station, Inter State Bus Terminals and Kempegowda Bus Station.

* Vadodara Bus Station, Vadodara

Vadodara Central Bus Station is the most modern bus stand in India with airport like terminal serving the city of Vadodara in Gujarat. The Vadodara bus station was Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

* Kempegowda Bus Station, Bangalore

Kempegowda Bus Station is located opposite the Bangalore City Railway Station and one of the largest bus station in central Bangalore.

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* Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus, Chennai

Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus or Koyambedu Bus Terminus provide services to outstation transport and one of the modern bus terminus in India. CMBT is the largest bus terminus in Asia and also second biggest bus depot in India.

* Inter State Bus Terminals, Delhi

Inter State Bus Terminals or ISBT bus terminus of Delhi provide bus services to other states. Millennium Park Bus Depot of Delhi is currently the largest bus depot in the world.

* Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Hyderabad

Mahatma Gandhi bus station or MGBS also known as the Imlibun bus station is situated at Imlibun island in the southern part of Hyderabad. MGBS is the third Largest Bus station in India.

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