5 Most Famous Gay Bars In Bangkok

By: Pinki Mon, 17 June 2019 11:28 AM

5 Most Famous Gay Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok is fondly (and unofficially) called the gay capital of Asia and boy is the title appropriate. Whether you are straight or pretending to be one, while also wanting to come out of the closet, or you are openly gay, Bangkok welcomes everyone with a beautiful smile regardless of their orientation. Bears or beefcake, cubs or chubby chasers, daddy or discreet, nothing is closeted in Bangkok. And what better place to meet and hangout new gay people than bars, clubs, and pubs. With the pride month in full swing, what's stopping you from having fun? Check out the best Gay Bars in Bangkok for a perfect night out in the city of angels.

* DJ Station

DJ station heads the gay night scenes in Bangkok and is the place to be for all gays out there. Its a massive club spread over three floors. The place has a perfect blend of party and fine dining. While bare-chested men hang around the first two floors partying like there's no tomorrow, the third floor is exclusive for the ones who want to spend quiet and intimate time with their loved ones or crack open a cold one with the squad. Due to its fame, the club gets crowded easily. You would want to reach here really early not to face disappointment. Contrastingly, for the club's popularity, the prices are pretty reasonable.

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* Telephone Pub

A decade or so ago, there were no ways to check out people. Facebook wasn't famous, and Instagram didn't even exist. Even Tinder and Grindr launched only recently. So how did one make new friends? The good old telephone. Approaching a person not through a screen but for real and asking them their phone number is how the things worked back then. Such is the ambience of Telephone Pub as it takes you on a trip back to the early 2000's. To top this off, they also have great multicuisine food and a wide selection of drinks to choose from.

* One Night Only

Looking for friendly staff who serve and entertain you wearing jeans and nothing else? Your search ends here. One Night Only is a one of a kind bar where the same staff triples as waiters, dancers, and bouncers. The place is comparatively smaller than its competitor gay clubs which reflects a comforting and cosy vibe, perfect for newcomers and less experienced gay travellers in Bangkok.

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* The Stranger

The Stranger is the newest entry to Bangkok's gay night scene. With gold and glittery walls and black and silver background, Stranger packs an unforgettable night full of life. The bar is best known for hosting themed parties and quirky drink names like Golden Shower and Sperm Shot. They also several promotional offers running on a daily basis. So check out the offers before buying drinks. You never know you might get a Grey Goose for as low as THB100.

* Fake Club

Fake club is as real as a gay club can be. Although this legendary club was shut down, it didn't take much time to make a comeback recently. Neon trippy lights, spacious dance floors, and music so loud it could make your ears numb. Fake Club checks off everything required in a good club. The club also hosts live house bands, gigs, and model shows time and again, one-off gigs. Special performances by local artists is a common sight too.

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