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5 Tips To Remember While On Solo Trip To Bahamas

By: Pinki Fri, 24 Jan 2020 1:39 PM

5 Tips To Remember While on Solo Trip To Bahamas

As a solo traveller, it may be scary visiting and exploring the Bahamas by yourself. Luckily, some of the attractions here make it easy for you to have a wonderful experience. There are many great historical and cultural sites, activities, and tours and excursions for you engage in. Take a look at this guide to solo traveling in the Bahamas.

* Take a group adventure tour

Group tours in the Bahamas are a safe and adventurous way for solo travellers to explore the islands. Take a thrilling underwater tour on Nassau’s SUB Bahamas Adventure, go swimming with stingrays at Stingray City, or if you’re in the mood for sightseeing, head to the Nassau Shore Excursion. There are many adventure tours available, providing the opportunity to explore in detail. The best part is, you’re never alone!

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* Stay at an all-inclusive hotel

An all-inclusive hotel is one of the best luxuries for a solo travellers. In the Bahamas, there is a wide selection of hotels to choose from, all with comfortable rooms and amenities. These hotels serve as a secluded tropical paradise for visitors, offering a range of activities, dining options, shopping and accommodations all in one place. You’re also bound to make friends with locals or tourists from other islands while staying at one of these places.

* Visit the Ardastra Centre

Take a break and go relax in the lush gardens of the Ardastra Centre. The 80-year old tropical retreat features four acres of a tropical jungle that is home to exotic birds and other native species along with plants, trees and flowers. The zoo in the Ardastra Centre is also the home of the Caribbean flamingo (a native bird of the Bahamas) that is trained to march for guests here.

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* Go on a Bahamian food tour

What better way to experience some of Bahamas’ culinary delicacies and meet new friends than going on a food tour? The ultimate food tour here, Nassau Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, takes guests to six food tasting locations, each offering unique and savoury dishes that make up the Bahamian cuisine. Get a tour of the historical landmarks in the Bahamas, dine at some of the best restaurants, and meet local chefs, business owners and other guests on the tour.

* Visit a museum or gallery

Spend a few hours learning about the history of the Bahamas or viewing some of the most beautiful artwork by locals in one of the many museums and galleries. The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in Nassau is the most prominent gallery in the Bahamas as it showcases art by local artists that depicts the heritage of the archipelago. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is also another popular site on the island, with a pirate world on offer for guests to indulge in.

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