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This River In Karnataka Offers Water To Thousands Of Shivling

By: Pinki Tue, 13 Feb 2018 1:29 PM

This River in Karnataka Offers Water to Thousands of Shivling

In Karnataka, there is a river named Shalmala which has thousands of Shivling on its banks, this river performs Abhishek every day. All these Shivlings have their own Abhishek

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Abhishek on Lord Shiva holds a religious belief in Hinduism. Shiva devotee offer the milk or yogurt, etc. But today we will talk about a river which offers water to thousands of Shivling. This river is known as Shalamma in Karnataka . The statue of Nandi Ganesh with the Sahastra Shivalinga is also there. For this reason, the place is also called Sahstroring.

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karnataka,river in karnataka,shivling

Who did the construction of these Shivlings:

In the 16th century, there were a big Shiva devotees named Sadashivarai. He was the king of this place. He worshiped Shiva day-nighgt. He thought of doing something for his devotion, so that even after his death, the water would would be offered regularly to all the Shivlings. For this reason, he constructed thousands of Shivlingas on the river Shalma, which can be used to consecrate the river. The Shiva devotees come here to visit a large number during Shivratri and Sawans.

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