5 Tips To Clean Marks Off Walls

By: Pinki Mon, 08 June 2020 6:19 PM

5 Tips To Clean Marks Off Walls

Having kids and pets in house means its hard to keep walls clean and mark free. It just goes to show you that there is almost more than one way to clean something, and removing crayon marks from places they shouldn't be is no exception!

* Basic H2 Degreaser

I found a pin that said that I could use Basic-H2 Methods that Actually Work to Remove Crayon from Walls Degreaser and a microfiber cloth to get crayon off the walls.

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* Dryer Sheet (Dry or Wet)

Rubbing a dry dryer sheet to remove crayon from a wall did absolutely nothing. Dipping the dryer sheet into water and then scrubbing the wall with it did only a little something, but a wet dryer sheet is like the hardest cloth to scrub with ever. Don’t bother trying to clean crayon from walls with dryer sheets. Plus, dryer sheets aren’t cheap or chemical free.

* Toothpaste

While toothpaste smells minty fresh, it’s pretty gross to use as a cleaning agent. And despite what the pin said, toothpaste didn’t get crayon marks off walls. At least it didn’t at all for me.

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* Vinegar

The directions I found for using vinegar to clean crayon marks from walls said to clean the walls with vinegar and a toothbrush. So I did.

If I thought other ways to get crayon off walls were tedious, this one took the cake. And it didn’t work very well. Despite vinegar’s awesome cleaning abilities in other areas of the home, crayon removal apparently isn’t one of its strong suits.

* Blow Dryer

I found that using a blow dryer, which heats up the crayon wax on the wall, allowed me to easily remove crayon from walls with a simple wet and soapy washcloth. I heated up the crayon on the walls, scrubbed them with the washcloth, and off the marks came! However, my hand got tired of holding the hairdryer and the room started to heat up quite a bit.

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