5 Tips To Clean Your Electronic Devices

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5 Tips To Clean Your Electronic Devices

Take a moment to think about a day in the life of your mobile phone. It’s probably with you while you eat your breakfast. Chances are, you’re checking your Facebook while in line for a coffee or the bus. You use it as your clock, your planner, your personal assistant, you might even use it in the bathroom!

There’s no denying that our electronic devices come into contact with a lot of dirt, germs, and grubby surfaces each and every day. But cleaning them isn’t always intuitive: you can’t just your tablet it in some soapy water and call it a day!

We’ve prepared the following guide to help you keep your electronic devices sparkling clean. There’s an added perk, too: cleaning your electronics regularly will make them last longer and perform better—definitely a win-win!

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* Tablets

Begin by turning off your tablet and unplugging any cables that might be connected. Use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior, avoiding any of the openings.

Avoid using chemical cleaners, even on the screen. A soft cloth and a bit of water should be enough to do the trick: anything harsher can cause scratches or other damages to the device.

* Mobile Phones

It’s relatively easy to keep your cell phone clean, and the steps are very similar to cleaning your tablet. All it takes is a soft, lint-free cloth and little water, which you can use to gently buffer the entire phone. Don’t allow the phone to come into direct contact with the water.

If you need to clear any of the openings, apply the smallest bit of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth, and gently wipe away any dirt. Take some preventative measures by using a screen protector film and a phone case.

electronic devices,tips to clean electronic devices,device cleaning tips,household tips

* Laptops and Desktops

If you’ve ever flipped over one of your keyboard keys, you might have come across some serious dust bunnies lurking around, causing your keys to be a little sticky. Indeed, dust can be the culprit of many physical issues with your computer, second to restarting it.

Compressed air is the best way to clear dust without causing any damage. For the keyboard, stick the nozzle in between the keys, and blow the dust out; you might have to play some pinball with the bunnies, as they don’t always like being kicked out.

If you have a desktop computer, it’s extremely encouraged to unplug everything, take it to the garage or outside, and open that sucker up. Unscrew or pop off the side and take a look in there. More often than not, you’ll see more dust inside that computer than you knew was possible. And again, insert compressed air can and have at it (bonus points for speed if you have an actual air compressor).

* Television Screens

Cleaning methods for televisions vary depending on the type of TV you have. If you have an older style with a glass screen, simply use glass cleaner to wipe it down. A plasma TV can be cleaned with a soft cloth and some gentle detergent, then dried afterwards with a clean cloth.

If you have an LCD monitor, a soft cloth and a bit of water should be enough to do the trick just be sure to use a very light touch. Use a fresh cloth to dry the screen immediately. Avoid any cleaning products on an LCD screen.

* Dealing With Spills

If you have the misfortune of spilling something onto an electronic device, or dropping it into some water, your best chance for recovery is to act quickly! Turn off and unplug the device, and mop up as much of the spill as possible. If you can dismantle your electronic device, do so: separating the pieces will allow them to dry faster.

Putting parts in a bag of rice or , tend to dry them up even faster. Disclaimer; if there’s a potential for the rice or silica to get into nooks and crannies, be cautious. It’ll only make matters worse.

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