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9 Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Minimal

By: Kratika Sun, 06 Sept 2020 08:01 AM

9 Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Minimal

Take a look around your home. Look at all the furniture in each room carefully. Turn your head to the portraits hanging on the wall and the objects that sit on your tabletops. Does everything need to be there? Or can you do away with it? Minimalism is just that. And a lot of homes are turning to minimalist decor as a refreshing way of living where living becomes neat, organised and clutter-free.

The minimalist decorating style is an exercise in restraint, where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. This style demands you to pare down your furnishings to the bare essentials so that you’re left with a set of curated objects that deliver maximum impact. Far from being boring, this style is bold, functional and highly memorable.

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* Use a restrained color palette

Light colors such as white along with understated neutrals, barely-there greys, and pastels are intrinsic to minimalist homes. Though you could add brighter colors, we suggest you stick to one or two and limit the dosage. The picture above uses shades of beige and white to create a well-lit room. Even the marble dinner table here enhances the minimalist style.

* Empty spaces and focal points

Empty space is considered an important element in minimalist decor since space interacts with the objects and defines the look. Visual balance is just as important and can be achieved only by having a focal point. Notice how the living room has plenty of empty space and no unwanted distraction. At the same time, some of the family’s essential decor does find a spot on the walls.

tips to look your home minimal,minimal modern homes,household tips,home decor tips

* Declutter and edit

Having a minimalist home means you need to say goodbye to clutter. And to do that, you’ll have to edit what you display on shelves and tables. Stick to essentials only and store the rest in cabinets. This kitchen shows how only a few well-chosen elements have made it to the counters. Also, the choice of a white kitchen with a pop of wine red gives the impression of a lot more space while staying stylish.

* Use accent decorations

Designing a minimalist home doesn’t mean you need to avoid decorations and bright colours. The rule is to simply use decorative elements as accents and not overwhelm your home with a lot of things. Similarly, for art, choose one focal piece instead of a group of small ones. In this living room, the portraits against a bare wall become a focal point and not a cluttered distraction.

* Clean lines and flat surfaces

Furniture and objects in a minimalist home majorly feature clean, defined lines and curves as well as flat surfaces. This kitchen has well-defined cabinets, drawers and windows and lots of flat surfaces. The clean lines given by lack of handles on the cabinets are also soothing to the eye.

tips to look your home minimal,minimal modern homes,household tips,home decor tips

* Play with textures

You can make things interesting by trying different textures. In this bedroom, an upholstered headboard and a minty hue textured wallpaper perfectly complement each other and gives the room a refreshing appeal. The wooden floorboards only add to the textural story of this room. While different textures have been combined, this room decor is in no way overwhelming.

* Let in the light

Bare windows are your friend. If you can leave your windows unadorned and let the light pour in, it would significantly add to the minimalist style. If privacy is an issue, use the thinnest curtain materials or use blinds. In this living room, sheer curtains bring in a lot of sunlight, brightening everything in its path. The pop of pink only adds to the aesthetic value of this living room! Less certainly is more.

tips to look your home minimal,minimal modern homes,household tips,home decor tips

* Power of simple objects

Decorating a minimalist home can make you rethink ordinary objects. In this living room, the first thing that catches your eye would probably be the colourful throw pillows or the striking painting hanging on the wall. When it’s set against a white backdrop or a neutral tone, even simple objects can stand out. With minimalist decor, maintenance becomes easier.

* Patterns find a place

Minimalist homes usually use a limited amount of patterns or opt to do away with it all together. If you decide to go with patterns, use it on a small scale, tone-to-tone or an unobtrusive pattern. When it comes to prints, use it the way you would an accent piece. Choose prints for the curtains or your throw pillows. You can have them both, like this living room, but make sure you do have plenty of empty space. Also, remember, you can never go wrong with a patterned carpet that centers the room. It gives the room a much-needed break from monotony.

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