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5 Characteristic That Define You Have Ruling Parents

By: Pinki Fri, 29 May 2020 2:30 PM

5 Characteristic That Define You Have Ruling Parents

When a child is born, he does not understand how he should behave. Discipline and manners are unfamiliar terms to him. It is the right parenting and upbringing that shapes the character of a child. The type of parenting plays a vital role and being an authoritarian parent can affect your kid in a variety of ways. Also termed as autocratic parenting, this turns a family into more of a ruling empire where kids need to adhere to the wishes of the parent. Authoritarian parents demand a lot from their kids and make their high expectations clear. But that is rarely complemented with support, guidance, or feedback and instead met with constant disapproval or negative comments about the child’s behaviour.

* Adhering to the Rules and Expectations in the Strict Manner

Such parents want their kids to grow exactly the way they want. Asking questions is termed as an aberration and devaluing the authority of the parent. Such parents believe that only they know the right way to raise their child and the child has no say in the matter. Any enjoyment and fun are unwelcome and life becomes similar to living under a dictatorial regime where anything the parents say is no different from an order.

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* Delivering Punishment for Mistakes or Breaking of Rules

Any mistake that is committed or any boundary that is crossed results in the child being punished severely. The child is not allowed to voice his side of the argument since that is considered irrelevant by the parents. The result is all that matters, and a child is punished if he commits any mistake.

* Not Responding to a Child’s Questions or Requests

The only thing a child is supposed to do is adhere to what’s asked of him and expected of him, without fail. Any other conversations are deemed irrelevant and are not met with an acknowledgement. Even when the child successfully manages to adhere to all the expectations, the feedback would still be of expecting a lot more the next time, without any praise or acknowledgement of the present achievement.

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* Emotionally Disconnected from a Child’s Core Love

Authoritarian parents view raising a child in the same way as a ringmaster would view taming a wild animal. There is no emotional attachment of any sorts and all that parents focus on is making sure that the child listens to their orders and becomes successful. The lack of expressing any emotions or forming deep bonds of trust and care are thrown out of the window. The emotional needs are ignored and the behaviour is controlled by the promise of love that is rarely shown.

* The Absence of Any Semblance of Choice or Voice of the Child

There are no avenues given for the children in exercising their opinion or choice, even in as simple matters as choosing which toy they would like, or what they would like to eat. Parents look down upon the child as an inferior entity who is yet to match up to a level they have established for him. The child is simply supposed to tag along and fall in line with whatever is asked of him or presented to him.

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