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5 Different Ways To Kiss Your Partner For A Happy Relationship

By: Pinki Fri, 26 Apr 2019 2:13 PM

5 Different Ways To Kiss Your Partner for a Happy Relationship

Kissing is a universally accepted symbol for showing love, they can range from slow and loving to raw and passionate. Kisses are the foundation of intimacy in your relationship, different types of kisses help you express different feelings to your partner. Here are 5 types of kisses that can add passion to your lovemaking session.

* Earlobe Kiss

It is one of the most romantic ways to arouse your partner. Start your passionate night by running your tongue along sensuously and lingering on your partner’s earlobe. This type of kiss is usually used to tempt your partner.

* French Kiss

The most passionate and erotic of all kisses, the French kiss is a deep open mouthed kiss performed with contact between tongues. It is considered to give the best feeling in the world. This type of kiss also helps you in burning calories, it’s one of the most famous kisses around the world and mastering the art takes time.

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* Single-lip kiss

Single lip kiss is a kiss where you suck a lip of your partner, sandwiching his between yours while doing so. Here, one of the partners can take lead and nibble on while the other can take it easy and respond subtly. This type of kiss is la favourite among kiss lovers.

* Lip kiss

A classic lip kiss is all about kissing and lingering on your partner’s lips with deep affection and love. Long prolonged lip kissing expresses raw emotional and passion and comfort your partner. Wear flavored lip gloss or lip balm to enhance the pleasure of this type of kiss.

* Eskimo Kiss

Couples can use Eskimo kiss as the lead to a meaningful lingering lip kiss. It is performed nose-to-nose with a slight side-to-side rubbing motion.

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