5 Most Common Intimacy Tips That Are Of No Use

By: Pinki Sat, 12 Oct 2019 12:25 PM

5 Most Common Intimacy Tips That Are of No Use

Sex should be good, wild, rough and loving. Anything else is clearly a bad experience for both of you if not one of you. It most definitely cannot be scary or make you never want to have sex again. Or even worse, never get a partner again! Below are 5 popular sex opinions that are completely false, gross and scarring.

* Harsh Biting

Keep those teeth away from them. Of course, the casual playful bites are good to go but let’s not leave them scarred for days. Biting and scratching them till you see blood is scary and a bad experience for both of you.

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* Noisy Sex

Much to contrary belief, making extra noises and moans is a complete turn-off. Natural moans are good but over the top fake moans and noises are gross and unwanted. Screaming, grunting and unnatural moaning sounds that are loud enough to wake up the whole building is surely not sexy.

* Bossy Pants

Not everybody likes to be dominated in bed. Popular opinions state that being bossy in the bedroom can be thrilling but that’s not always true. You need to have a deeper connection with your partner before you think of playing these games since it might end up hurting their ego. It could also end up in awkward situations where either of you could be left hanging.

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* Too Much Tongue

We don’t want them to feel like their under a dog right? A little tongue in the right places is perfect but don’t slobber all over their body and cover them in saliva. That’s just gross!

* The Wrong Tools

BDSM toys in the bedroom are great but don’t get too carried away. Using even mildly dangerous, sharp or unhygienic products, props or just stuff lying around the house is a complete no-no. We don’t want them to run away in fear and never look back at you again.

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