5 Most Hilarious Ways To Rag Your Sibling

By: Pinki Sat, 22 Sept 2018 10:48 AM

5 Most Hilarious Ways To Rag Your Sibling

Siblings. Aah, the sheer fun in annoying them cannot count for anything as precious as that. We feel it is our birth right to make fun of them, pull pranks on them, make them get a scolding, snatch their chocolates and what not. In fact, there are very few siblings who confessed that they ever fought with one another.

Of course, there can be hundreds of thousands of ways to rag your brother and sister. Hiding behind the curtain to shout Boo at them just to see them run around in shock or fighting for the remote just because they decide to watch something that is not up to your standard, siblings are a pro when it comes to ragging each other.

* Prankster

When it comes to playing pranks, your sibling will out do every other Ashton Kutcher, mind you! This tops the list for sure. Tear some papers when they are around and tell them it was their homework you tore or make them afraid by telling them about the latest horror story you heard from their friends and then scare them when it’s midnight. There is no end to it! Play pranks on them. It is one of the things that make your childhood very memorable. So, do try it out if you haven’t.

* He did it!

The younger siblings would love this. On Number 2 of our list, we have getting them into trouble. This one is too easy to rag on your brother or sister. Did a wrong deed and afraid of the consequences? Simple. Point your finger at your older sibling and see the magic: the look on their face. It will be simply priceless! If your parents asked who did this, you could say your sibling did this and being younger, you would be considered more truthful than them! Ha!

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* Imitation

Imitate them. It is just too much of fun to ask for. Repeat what they say or do. They will highly irritated by this. Sing songs, really annoying ones and keep on repeating them. A trick worth doing for, as siblings will simply pull their hairs out in frustration and this will make it even funnier. Do try this out if you haven’t tried. Go, imitate them now and see the satisfaction in seeing them get frustrated.

* Noise

Oh my god. On Number 4, we have making supremely noisy noises just to irritate them, your siblings. Bang things, speak too loudly or play something which sounds really loud and really unpleasant especially when they are around you, it ticks them off faster than you can imagine. This works wonders when they are on to something important. They will run to kill you faster than you can imagine too! If they are trying to read or study or concentrate on something, this ragging tip will NEVER fail!

* Silly Names

I am not fat, but my brother likes to call me fatso just for the fun of it. So, hey, try this! Call them the silliest nicknames in the world, especially the ones that you know your brother/sister just hates being called to. Even when they are with their friends, call them those nicknames and see the effect. Simply brilliant! If it is a brother, give them a girly nickname and if it is a girl, give them a manly one. Boys, especially, will loathe this as they hate being called something girly! Girls, go irritate your brothers!

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