5 Qualities Of Woman That Attract A Man

By: Sandeep Fri, 07 Feb 2020 8:05 PM

5 Qualities of Woman That Attract a Man

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that woman who could attract just about any guy that she wanted? If you’re single then you’re probably aware that men can be choosy when it comes to dating. Just like women, usually men have their idea of a perfect woman in their head that they’re attracted too. Most of the time you either fit their expectations or you don’t. But every now and then, just like women, men fall for women who are outside their comfort zone.

* Women Who Have a Life

Men are especially attracted to women that have lives outside of dating men. So the next time you see that the guy you really like is calling you, don’t pick up automatically, and give him a call back in a couple hours. Guys hate being ignored, but they also don’t like a girl who is super clingy. So go get a life, hang out with your girls, and brush him off every now and then. Men love the chase, and they will pursue you even more. They love busy women who have other things going on in their lives, it makes them feel that much more attracted to you.

* Mystery

When you’re on a first date , do you ever find yourself sharing everything about your life with him? If so, you may want to restrain yourself. This kind of behavior can cause him to run away. Men like women who keep a bit of a wall up. They never know what’s on their mind, and they have to work really hard to get some of that wall to come down. Men want to know what secrets lie in there and they won’t stop until they succeed in finding out. Instead of oversharing, give him information in bits and pieces.

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* Confidence

Men love women who are confident in their own skin. These women know their goals in life and are unwilling to wait around for men and delay their dreams to come true. They’re aware of their weaknesses and are willing to work on them. They are also proud of their strengths. This allows women to be confident not only with their lives but also their relationships. They don’t like to waste time playing games , which is a quality that men find irresistible.

* One Who Takes Care Of Themselves

This is one thing that arguably matters most to men. It’s not about spending hours in front of the mirror covering our faces with a pound of makeup. Nor about being the skinniest girl in the room. It’s about taking care of our skin, hair, and keeping our mind and body healthy. Loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves, whether there’s a man in our lives or not, is crucial. Men aren’t as quick to judge women, sometimes we(as women) are our own worst critics.

* Attentive

Do you know who won the last basketball game? If you don’t, then chances are your man does. You need to pay attention and also take interest is his hobbies from time to time. You’re not going to share every interest or hobby as your man. You might even get bored or annoyed hearing about them, but there’s a big chance that he probably doesn’t want to hear about the Sex and the City movie either. After awhile, your man is going to feel rejected by your lack of interest and start feeling neglected. And who could blame him? You wouldn’t like him to do that to you.

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