5 Reasons You Should Marry A Chef

By: Pinki Wed, 26 June 2019 10:56 AM

5 Reasons You Should Marry a Chef

Food is something that everyone loves. You just cannot deny the fact that food can actually light up your mood.
Just imagine having a person by your side who not only knows the names of your favorite dishes but can also cook them for you. Perfect! isn’t it ?

A great chef doesn’t take a recipe from the cook book. It’s what he adds that makes it special.

They are just too fun to be with, the reasons are:

* You get to eat new dishes frequently

You don’t always have to go out to a fancy restaurant to try out a new dish when you have someone who can make it for you at home with lots of love in it and obviously in low budget.There might be some dishes that you have not even heard of, but you get to try them all at your placeAnd there might be some dishes that you think aren’t that good but when you end up trying you actually like them. All thanks to your personal chef, you become less of a picky eater.

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* Date nights are not only on weekends

The two of you can enjoy a romantic dinner date anytime you want, you don’t always have to look for an expensive and romantic place to go out. Also, you have to accept that you need to attend a lot of other events and social parties with your partner. Also, its quite tough to take out time from our busy schedules. You don’t really get time to spend it with your partner and even if you do you’re just too tired to dress up and go out for dates. Every moment counts when you both take time for each other from your busy lives and absence makes heart grow fonder, a chef’s spouse surely knows this very well.

* Access to the best restaurants

If you are a foodie you surely like to explore new places and you don’t regret going to any of them because he/she knows what’s best served where, you might also try out something you might have bothered otherwise. And yes it true that they don’t like cooking at home too much but will make sure to take you out to the best restaurants which otherwise would have been a tiresome job. You will also get to meet foodies and food critics and they might give you some free food sometimes or a bottle of alcohol if you prefer drinking.

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* You always eat healthy

Chefs make sure that the meals they make are not only delicious but filled with loads of nutrition. So you will always be eating healthy, and will never have to worry about your diet. Even if you fall sick and your doctor recommends something, they will know what ingredients to include in your meals. They can even make a boring salad look interesting and delicious.

* You become quite sensitive to dining experience

If you know someone who is now a chef you will surely know that they not only get to learn cooking but a number of different things. Be it house keeping, front- desk or anything. So next time you’ll visit a hotel or a restaurant you will surely keep in mind few things. You will garner sympathy for the staff working there. You will think twice before being rude rude to the staff, you’ll learn to appreciate the chef’s efforts if you go out, you will be polite to your server and you will provide them with tips because they served you well not because its their duty to serve you. Lastly, improper dining etiquette will annoy you the most.

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