5 Signs That Shows Man Is Interested In You

By: Pinki Sat, 29 Sept 2018 11:29 AM

5 Signs That Shows Man is Interested in You

Be it body language or verbal cues, when you like someone it can get pretty easy to feel flustered 24×7. A crush literally can feel like its crushing your soul leaving you helpless and lovey-dovey for weeks. But how do you really know if he also has the same feelings for you? Experts have shortlisted several signs that indicate he likes you more than a friend. Here are 5 obvious signs that show he’s definitely got the hots for you!

* Eye Contact

Not glaring at you in a stalker way or like you’re an animal from the zoo. We mean a level more than normal eye contact. He steals glances at you. And brownie points if he looks at you when you’re looking somewhere else. Someone around is bound to notice this longing looks of his and tell you. Maintaining eye contact in your conversations shows he’s interested in whatever you have to say.

* Sneaky Touches

Men are usually physical creatures and show their love and appreciation by touches and caresses. They like being able to touch your bare arm or shoulder whenever they can. Other than being able to see how you react to their affections, it also makes him feel manly. Leaning while talking or let his hand rest over yours a little bit longer means he totally likes you.

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* Smiles and Laughs

People usually tend to smile or laugh when they talk to anyone they are comfortable with. But If he likes you, he’ll be smiling and laughing even more than usual. Why? To show off his happy side and how you raise his spirits. He’ll try to crack lame jokes, impress you with silly antics and be goofy to appeal to your senses.

* Great Memory

He remembers what you said 2 years ago on that cold night while you were drunk. Everything you have possibly revealed to him, he makes a point to store that information in his brain forever. It shows that he not only hears but also listens to what you have to say about anything and everything related to you.

* Blushes A LOT

Kind of surprising but guys tend to blush a lot too when they like someone. Being around you makes them smile more aka increases their happy hormones. Increased blood levels lead to blushing whenever you compliment him indirectly or hint at mutual feelings. Bonus sign – He’ll try to hide his blush or look away with a shy smile when you say something cheesy or flirty unexpectedly.

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