5 Things Every Woman Want In Bed

By: Pinki Wed, 23 Oct 2019 1:24 PM

5 Things Every Woman Want in Bed

Women are complicated creatures, or so the world thinks. The female species make it pretty clear about what they want in bed. But the real question is do you get what you really want in bed from your lover? Do they know what your fantasies and what you’re inner desires are? Sexual preferences may vary but at the end of the day, women all over the world want some special attention to details. Here are the top 5 things other than mind-blowing sex that every woman wants – no deserves in bed.

* Eat Her Right

A true art form, Cunnilingus is a key element in every sexual relationship. Eating her out is sexy, sensual and most pleasuring for both parties involved. While guys dream of an amazing blowjob, women are hoping for the same. Passionate enthusiasm and sexual tension can only add to your sex-filled nights.

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* Read The Mood

Does she want to have wild sex? Or is she in the mood for cuddles? You need to know what your partner is looking for at the moment. If they are in the mood for cuddles, don’t ruin it by making sexual moves on her. Respect her feelings and instead agree to ‘spoon’ her. Different moods need to be tackled differently. Cuddling today will be a bonus point for tomorrow!

* Creative Freedom

Most women are pretty sexually aware, at least about their own bodies. So when we say we want to get creative, we know what we are talking about. Sex toys, different types of condoms, lubes and creative sex positions can help spice your sex life. Keeping an open mind will only help you to enjoy more fun ways to reach orgasms.

things woman want in bed,intimacy tips,relationship tips

* Get Vocal

Tell them what you like and what you don’t. Talking and communicating your thoughts in bed will help raise their self-esteem which directly related to how they perform in bed for you. Praising them, admiring them and most importantly get vocal about how well they are pleasuring you. We do like to listen to compliments just like men.

* Think About Her

If you’re having sex, you need to think about your partner. Women are not only robots or masturbatory products that you use to get your pleasure. Think about her orgasms and her good time too. Don’t just assume she had a great time just because you were enjoying it. Work on your partner as much as they are working on your body to get you off. You need to focus on achieving orgasms simultaneously which only helps your relationship grow stronger.

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