5 Things You Should Never Order On First Date

By: Pinki Tue, 02 Apr 2019 1:15 PM

5 Things You Should Never Order on First Date

First dates can be memorable or haunting depending on how you execute and charm your date. There will be voices from all around starting from how to make that classy walk to the table to flaunting a gorgeous smile and dressing up like a diva. However, what we often neglect is that what you order on your first date can be tricky and holds power to either make or break your date night. Here’s a list of food that is to be avoided on your date night!

* Don’t go high on spicy

No matter how much you are in love with spicy food, avoid it as you do not want to ruin your date night with watery eyes and red-coloured face. In fact, go mild on your food choices and order something light and easy. Well, when you can add some heat to your date night with your sizzling chemistry, then why eat spicy food!

* Ordering for the same menu is a no-no

Your food choices can say a lot about your personality. And therefore, do not even try and order the same menu as your date. Take your time to check the menu and order your choice of dish but don’t go the boring way by saying ‘I’ll have what he/she is having’. In fact, order what you find interesting and ask for the special menu for the night. We are sure your strong and independent individuality will impress your date!

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* If it’s hard to say, ditch it

‘Showing off’ on your date night can surely land you in a soup and your first date is surely not the time to experiment with your language skills. Pretending is not a smart move and if you are visiting a restaurant which has continental and Italian menu, don’t try to order food which you are not aware of and find it hard to pronounce is a turn-off. Go the honest way and be your real self!

* Stay away from bad-breath foods

If your date is taking a romantic angle, we are sure that you do not want to ruin it by bad breath. So, ensure that you avoid eating food which is loaded with onion and garlic as you do not want that pungent smell to remain in your mouth. We know it’s hard but you have taken enough efforts for this date and you have to be ready for your reward at the end of the date, don’t you?

* Say no to sticky and complicated dishes

If you don’t want to struggle with your food and make it embarrassing, then stay far from foods such as spaghetti, spinach, and meatballs which can bring a lot of fuss. Smiling on your date with food stuck between your foods is definitely not a good sight. So, go for grills and meat which is nice and neat to see and eat.

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