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Nisarga Cyclone- Do's And Don't To Keep In Mind About The Cyclone

By: Pinki Wed, 03 June 2020 1:34 PM

Nisarga Cyclone- Do's and Don't To Keep in Mind About The Cyclone

Even as Maharashtra and Gujarat grapple with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the states have another problem on their hands. A severe cyclonic storm, named Nisarga, is forming over the East central Arabian Sea and is expected to make landfall on the afternoon of June 3.

Anand Kumar Sharma Deputy Director-General, India Meteorological Department said, "The maximum impact will be on 3rd afternoon, evening, and by 4th morning the winds will be 30 to 40 kms, So it's only for a few hours you have high gusty winds and then things are going to slow down."
Here's what we know. Where and when will Cyclone Nisarga make landfall? According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Nisarga, as of 11.30 am on June 2, is a cyclonic storm centred about 280km north-west of Panjim moving northwards. Nisarga is likely to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm in the next 12 hours and change its direction north-eastwards and is expected to make landfall between Harihareshwar near Alibaug in Maharashtra and Daman in the afternoon of June 3.

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* Loose things outside the house should be tied or moved indoors.
* Seal important documents and jewellery in a plastic bag.
* Regularly inspect battery operated as well as reserve power systems.
* Pay attention to the official instructions on television and radio.
* Practice the actions to be take in case of emergencies.
* If you don't live in a mud house/hut, choose a part of the housr as an emergency shelter and practice how all members of the house will use the space during the cyclone
* Keep an Emergency Kit ready.
* Stay away from windows. Close some windows and keep some open so that the pressure is maintained.
* Stay at the center of the room. Stay away from corners as debris often accumulates in corners.
* Hide under strong furniture such as a stool or heavy table or desk, and hold it tight.
* Use your hands to protect your head and neck.
* Avoid large roof spaces such as auditoriums and shopping malls.
* If you find an open space and there is enough time, find the right shelter in the nearest pit or pasture.
* Relocate to a pre-determined or administration-determined location.

nisarga cyclone,dos and dont to keep in mind,cyclone tips,news


* Don't spread or believe in rumours.
* Do not attempt to drive or ride any vehicle during the cyclone.
* Stay away from damaged buildings.
* Do not move injured people unless it is absolutely safe to do so. It may cause more harm.
* Do not allow oil and othe flammable substances to spill. Clean them immediately.

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