5 Most Tallest Trees Around The World

By: Pinki Sat, 25 May 2019 10:31 AM

5 Most Tallest Trees Around The World

There was a time when the Earth was covered with lush green vegetation. Sadly today the landscape is strikingly different, with garish, colorless skyscrapers crowding the horizon. In the times of jumbo jets, astonishing gravity-defying towers we have forgotten the old world charm of our angels, our carbon-absorbing trees. Let’s look at some of these tallest angels on the Earth and admire their sheer immensity.

* Coast redwood

Tallest tree on the earth as per records is Hyperion with an estimated height of 115.72 m. Sequoia sempervirens or Coast Redwoods are the tallest trees found in the world. It is majorly concentrated in the California region of the American Pacific North west coast and has several reserved forests for its preservation. Due to extensive logging and commercial exploitation these trees today feature in the IUCN endangered list. Some of the tallest trees in the world belong to this species including Hyperion, Helios (111.71m), and Rockefeller Tree (99m) etc. The trees can measure up to 8.9m in diameter at breast height (dbh). With a lifespan of almost 2000 years, these are some of the oldest trees on the Earth.

* Coast Douglas fir

Prevalent in the North Western American region, Pseudotsuga menziesii or Coast Douglas fir is an evergreen conifer tree species. The tallest tree is the Doerner Fir measuring 99.76m in height. They tend to have an average lifespan varying between 500 and 1000 years. These trees can have diameters up to 13.3m like the Red Creek Tree in Canada. The smaller varieties are used extensively for timber production, having the largest yield in North America. Some tall trees are Red Creek tree (73.80m) and National Forest Service (69.80m).

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* Mountain ash

Native to the Tasmania and Victoria region of South Eastern Australia, Eucalyptus regnans or Mountain ash trees are the tallest flowering plants. Its tallest specimen is the Centurion measuring 99.60m in height. It is an evergreen tree variety that grows in temperate areas receiving 1200mm rainfall. It is the tallest of the eucalypts, growing to 70–114.4 m and is marked with a straight, grey trunk and a smooth eucalyptus bark. The trunk can reach a diameter at breast height (dbh) of 2.5 meters and eventually develops a large buttress up to 20m.

* Giant sequoia

Sequoiadendron giganteum or Giant Sequoia is definitely one of the most loved and commercially forested trees. It is abundantly found in groves on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, USA, dotted with several parks reserved for these trees. The tallest tree can go up to 95.8 m and are found especially in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. It is officially the largest living thing in volume in the world. Girth at ground has been measured to be as high as 34.4 m as well. Some of the most well-known Sequoia giants are General Sherman (83.8m), Boole (81.9m), King Arthur (82.4m) etc

* Sitka spruce

The largest species of spruce trees, Picea sitchensis or Sitka spruce trees are the third largest conifer species, lagging behind the Coast Redwood and Douglas fir. Some trees can still be found with height of around 90m. The Caramanh Giant, measuring 96m in height is the tallest tree in Canada. It is associated with temperate rainforests like west coast of North America. Their diameter at base height can reach up to 6m.

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