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Ancient Guns, Swords Found At Barabanki Excavation In Uttar Pradesh

By: Pinki Wed, 09 Jan 2019 9:46 PM

Ancient guns, swords found at Barabanki excavation in Uttar Pradesh

Ancient guns and swords were found during the tilling of fields in Barabanki on Wednesday. Police official Satish Kumar called a team from the Archaeological Survey of India for detailed inspection of the weapons. “The guns and swords are likely to be from the Mughal or British era,” officials said. “The locals found the guns and swords while tilling the field, later they informed the police officials as well,” Harshit Patel, a resident, told ANI.

Officials said that the swords appeared to be from the time of the British era, as the covered hilt of the sword resembles the styles prevalent then. The gun, it is believed, is from the same time since it’s a 8-9 kg muzzle-loading rifle. “The rifle has a broader base and long narrow muzzle,” Patel added. The five guns and two rusty swords were found near the fields of one Shalikram Yadav in Shaikhpur village of Barabanki Satarikh police station area. Arun Yadav bought this farm seven months ago from Shalikram, the resident of Shekhpur.
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