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Puppy Accidentally Sets Couch On Fire, Gets Moniker Of ‘Archie The Arsonist’

By: Pinki Thu, 31 Oct 2019 2:01 PM

Puppy accidentally sets couch on fire, gets moniker of ‘Archie the Arsonist’

A mischievous puppy caused his owner thousands of dollars in damage when he accidentally lit a fire and set his apartment ablaze, when he was away. The owner, Danielle Danski, saw it all happen on her security camera.

In the video, which has gone viral, one can see the dog named Archie – a French bulldog-Boston terrier mix, climb on to the couch do his thing. The only problem was that instead of a chew toy, the dog started chewing on a BBQ lighter, setting the sofa on fire within minutes. The fire caused extensive damage to the walls, cupboard and air conditioner.

The damage was limited, thanks to the security feed that Danielle was able to access. She immediately informed the fire department thus preventing the flames from causing further devastation to her home in Melbourne, Australia.

archie the arsonist,puppy accidentally sets couch on fire

The fire brigade arrived within three minutes of the call. They managed to extinguish the fire in time and evacuate other residents to safety. Though they were also surprised as to how a dog could fire up a BBQ lighter.

Overall, the dog caused a massive loss of $60,000 to the owner and when they came home, he ran out of the house and jumped into their arms. The owner has cautioned other dog owners to be more careful and store such items out of their pet’s reach. She has also renamed the dog’s Instagram page to ‘Archie the Arsonist’.

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