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Read About The Mystery Of Levitating Stone Of Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah

By: Pinki Fri, 07 Sept 2018 10:42 AM

Read About The Mystery of levitating Stone of Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah

Can faith really move mountains? Can belief melt the huge mountains? Can devotion tame the cruelest of animals? These might sound fanciful and mythical, but when we look at few places of worship, even today, we are more than forced to believe that there some mythical power that helps in making the incredible to happen.

Here, in a dust bowl scooped out in the Sahyadris, 25 km from Pune, faith may not be moving mountains but it’s definitely moving a small fragment of the Western Ghats. Ten feet at a time, roughly a dozen times a day, the astounding yet true sight draws visitors to Khed Shivpur.

There are certain things that happen in this world that not even science can explain. People can witness one such occurrence at Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah in Shivapuri, Maharashtra. The Dargah is located on the outskirts of Pune and 16 km from the main city of Mumbai.The Not the whole place but there is a particular stone that holds the mythological significance. The stone is believed to be blessed by the saint. The stone is weighed 90 kgs and it is impossible to pick the stone except for one way. In order to pick this holy stone, a group of 11 men is required who can lift this stone with their index fingers while they call the name of the saint in unison. There is no other way to pick this stone up. Science has failed to provide any reasons for the happening.

Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah situated in Pune. It is about 700 years old Dargah. This Dargah is on the main highway of Pune -Satara road. It is located in a small village known as the Khed Shivapur.

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Hazrat Kamar Ali was a great Sufi whose name means ‘wisdom’, Sufis are the people who embrace the abstruse philosophy and principle of True Islam. Qamar Ali was interested in many other directions like gymnasium. He had passed away at a very early age of 18 years and there after he was honored as a saint.

There are two rocks that are kept at the Dargah. Legend says that these are the rocks which Hazrat tried to lift, as he was not interested in all these, he was not able to do so and failed as many times as he tried. Hence these rocks are placed as majestically levitated for the visitors who visit Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah.

There are two large stones placed near the contour of the Dargah premises. A group of 11 people wi approach towards the stone and try to pick it up with the help of the index finger. This stone has to be lifted up with the help of the tips of the index finger.People lifting this stone voiced in unison the name of the saint. People hold the 1st syllable for as long as possible and that too without running a breath. They say Qamar Ali Darvesh the giant rock suddenly lifts up and remains there till the partaker’s runs off the breath.

Another important feature of this particular Dargah is that women are not supposed to enter the Dargah, because Qamar Ali Darvesh was not married till date. Here people from all castes, creed and religions are allowed without any barriers of caste, creed and religion. Thousands of people visit this place and keep a strong belief in the Saint. There are also foreigners sometimes who come here to visit this place and see the miracle of the stones.

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