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This Girl Fits Herself In 2 Foot Bottle, Reason Will Shock You

By: Pinki Sat, 29 Sept 2018 12:35 PM

This Girl Fits Herself in 2 Foot Bottle, Reason Will Shock You

Did you ever wish you were flexible enough to fit into a two foot tall glass bottle?

That is what 23-year-old Nicole Coconea has acheived, and she was even pictured enjoying a cup of tea whilst inside.

Miss Coconea is a contortionist who is currently performing throughout the UK with a circus troupe.

Apparently the last four girls to perform such a body bending trick became pregnant.

However, this failed to deter Miss Coconea from attempting the feat.

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She commented: "If my boyfriend comes to visit, I won't get in!"

Perhaps she found inspiration in some YouTube videos, one of which shows a scantily-clad woman performing impressively flexible moves, much to a TV audience's appreciation.

She then squeezes herself into a tiny bottle, but unlike Miss Coconea, she does not manage to fit in a cup of tea.

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